Google vs Women

Came out with this phrase while I am doing my Java. I need to find my pencil case but my ah dear tell me where is it before I can even say it out.

Lester Says “Women are just like Google, except that they search for things in the house and say the results out”.

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O2 Atom Exec

Been super busy for the past weeks since my school started. University is unlike Polytechnic, tutorials need to do, break time need to revise through, weekends need to do lab exercises and tutorials. Lab exercises are graded that is why we need to do, tutorials if you do not do, towards the end of the semester, you will have difficulty revising through, especially Maths and Discrete Structures. So all this means you got no life. =)

Upgraded my M1 Line and thus, changed my Sony Ericsson K750i to O2 Atom Exec. I sent my K750i for the last service and firmware upgrade before my warranty expires in September 2006. I will be passing my phone on to LiXiang whose Samsung X460 is really very basic.

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Parking Problem

My house area has a MAJOR parking problem because cars are getting cheaper these days. I live in Bukit Purmei, it is a small neighbourhood with only 15 blocks of flat. I live in block 115, which is the last block of the neighbourhood. After sending LiXiang home yesterday at around 2.30am, I came home and COULD NOT find a single parking lot. I combed 6 carparks between my block all the way to block 109.

So no choice have to parked illegally and I think that is the last illegal slot at the carpark near my block. Everyday there is about 5 cars or even more that park illegally due to insufficient parking lots. I hope they can do something about it. This issue is getting on my nerves.

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School Starts

My orientation group, Veragok (God of Shadow) won the best orientation group. There were a total of 10 groups. Even though I think some of the orientation activities are quite dumb, but I am glad I went for most of it because I got to know a lot of friends, this makes lecture, lunch, lab and tutorial less lonelier.

My official study term started since Monday, finally I am back to study. The feeling is so good after wasting 2 years and 2 months doing nothing productive. And speaking of it, guys REMEMBER TO CANCEL YOUR PIONEER MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION because they charge your 3 years advanced payment to your last pay and that total up about $14.40. Please made an effort to cancel even though you are rich, lazy is not an excuse, unless you like to read it then I got nothing to say. As if 26 months of Pioneer Magazine is not enough and they still want to give you 36 more months of it.

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NUS Maticulation/Orientation

NUS Matriculation
NUS Matriculation was very fast, within 20 minutes I am already paying for my notebook. Upon entering the sports hall, we submitted most of our forms and we get the NUS matriculation card immediately. After that, there will be an area where all the laptops booth are and you can purchase the laptops straight from there. For cash and carry, you only can pay by NETS, Cheque or Cash. If you opt for the notebook loan, you will get your laptop around end August.

After that, we went to the 2nd level where all the CCAs booth are, I bought the SoC Matriculation Pack for $8, kinda regretted, but just take it as supporting them for the effort they put in. If you want to siam all the CCAs booth, just walk as fast as you can and when they stop u, just say not interested. LOL

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