Caught Madagascar at GV Grand on Saturday afternoon. Was quite an unlucky day for a movie because the GV ticketing system was down and they can’t check what seat we are located. They ask us to use the AXS station to print the tickets, but LiXiang is using UOB Mini Debit Card and the card is too small to fit into the card reader of the AXS station. Luckily LiXiang is smart and she remembered the seats number which normally I can’t be bother to remember at all if I am the one booking the tickets. We wrote our details down on a piece of paper and we went in. It was chaos on that day, the whole place is so crowded.

Madagascar was not bad, but it was pretty short. I still prefer Robots though. I like the part best when the head of the squirrel (I think) was dancing to the song “I like to move it move it”.

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Star Wars: Episode III

Caught Star Wars: Episode III yesterday at GV Marina. Show lasted 2 hours and 20 minutes. It was good, I didn’t saw episode 1, 4, 5 and 6. I only saw episode 2 and 3 and I kinda like the storyline. 2 thumbs up.

Saw Sahara, show was around 2 hours also. It was good, regretted not catching it in the cinema.

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XXX2: The Next Level

Watched XXX2: The Next Level at GV Grand on Labour Day. Excellent action pack show which will keep you at the edge of your seat. It lives up to the reputation of XXX1. But if you are looking for storyline instead, I suggest you give this a miss.

Watched Divergence yesterday, not a good show at all. It is like a replica of Infernal Affairs, but either they fail badly or simply I am too dumb to understand what the movie is toking about.

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The Pacifier

Last Friday, watched The Pacifier at GV Jurong Point. It is a midnight show, been quite sometime since we watched a midnight show. The show is quite good and some parts are lame but funny. I love the Panda Dance. LOL

Last week was like a pasta week for me. Tried the L’Emozione Pasta Bar at Ngee Ann’s City B2, just outside Cold Storage. It is fabulous and price is very reasonable. Price on par with Pasta Mania but so much nicer. I got hooked onto it.

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House Of Fury

Watched House Of Fury last last Friday. Good kung fu action movie if you ask me. Personally I find it better than Kung Fu Hustle.

Basically this 2 weeks, nothing much to blog about. The same old routine. Received 3 letters. One is from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) which states that I qualify for their Computer Engineering course. Second one is from National University of Singapore (NUS) which states that I qualify for their Computing Course and the last is a scholarship from Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) .

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21st Birthday Party

Thanks to all my friends and relatives that turn up for my birthday party.
Thanks for all the presents and hong baos.
Thanks to my family for all the preparation, especially my mom.
Thanks mom.
Thanks dear for all your help, the present and the lovely card you done for me.

Polytechnic Friends
– Jackey, Terry, Zhi Wei, Alvin, Kee Yong, Serene, Jie Lin, Wei Lin, Jean, Elaine, Suqin, Geargina, Hui Juan, Xiu Yu
– Total: 14

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I Turned 21 Today

At the stroke of midnight today, I turned 21. Finally I am no longer a teenager or a young adult. I am officially an adult. The sad thing is that I am still slaving for the nation instead of working/studying.

Good things come in 3 too?
» Firstly, I am 21 years old today.
» Secondly, this site turned 3 years old today.
» Last but not least, today marks the 5th month LiXiang and I have been together.

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Watched Robots at GV Jurong Point. It was a good show even though the story is very fast pace. Much more laughter is involve in this show as compared to The Incredibles. It is a must watch movie if you are in for a good laugh. One of my favourite part is when one of the robots sang, Britney Spears – Baby One More Time. And the other part is when they did the robot dance. The fusion of Jazz and Funk, Junk. That is comedy gold.

Watch out for 2 new cartoons debuting on the big screen soon. Madagascar and Ice Age 2.

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2 Movies In A Row

Went to watched Hitch at GV Marina on Sunday, the show started at 1.30pm. It is worth some good laugh after watching the show. The show ended at 3.45pm and LiXiang was asking me “are you thinking what I am thinking” and that trigger off watching another movie, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. We went to check the time and just nice the next time slot is at 3.55pm.

It is somehow fated on that day we are going to watch 2 movies due to the timing of the movie slots. The movie was not really that great. To me it is just an over hyped movie, nothing special about it besides the visual effects, e fantasy world and Jim Carrey acting.

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Its March 2005

Time flies, it is now March 2005 and in exactly 22 days marks my 21st birthday.

Quite an interesting show just that certain parts at the end was very lame especially when Saint Gabriel came down stepping on John Constantine, that really worth the laugh. The visual effect during the scene when the ‘god’ of hell walk through the glass door and the glass shattered and the pieces of shattered glass touches his body and brush off was fantastic.

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