New 120GB HDD

Slept till 1.30pm today first time in don’t know how many months. Went to Sim Lim Square. My mom bought a 5m USB cable for her office use. I on the other hand bought a new Western Digital 120GB(ATA100) HDD for $180 and a HDD mobile rack for $19. Shall be fixing it when I am free.

Came home, as usual, indulge myself with FYP, FYP, nothing else but FYP. Mom cook western cuisine for dinner. Grilled Fish with baked potatoes. The grilled fish tastes very good. My mom can really marinate food, and above all no MSG is used in the process. =D

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UnderWorld Again

Been very busy for the past 2 days, thus didn’t update this blog. I think for the next 3 weeks or so, I will be even busier as the datelines draw closer.

On Friday, went to visit my grandfather and my auntie at Toa Payoh. Been a few months since I last visited them because practically every weekends I have been going out.

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Had my 7th driving lesson today, not too bad now, will not be that nervous when going on the road. After my driving went to Great World City to watch UnderWorld. 2nd movie I watched alone.

The movie last slightly more then 2 hours. Throughout the whole movie, the time is forever in the night because of vampires and werewolves. The movie is about a war between vampires and werewolves. Practically the whole movie is action packed. The special effect is very very good and the storyline is not that bad. I really love this movie and will give 2 thumbs up. Wonder why 8days only give this movie 2.5 stars.

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Overworked, Under Paid

Changed some logic of my GAME assignment today. Changed the way they detect collision from the grid method to the bounding volume method. At first I used the bounding volume method, but it lags alot because I did something wrongly.

Came home, took a nap as I need some rest. I have been rushing FYP, everyday spent more than 4 hours in front of the computer formatting HTML. My eyes really need a good rest after everything. Overworked, under paid.

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Infernal Affairs 2

Finally my pacman can move using timer, but still got lots of bugs. No mood to really go and think of the logic/solve the bugs. Think shall do my pacman after I have finished my FYP. I am really worried for my FYP, so many things, so little time.

After lunch with my good friends, I think it was me who jokingly suggest watching Infernal Affairs 2, but Goh and Ron very on. LOL.

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Work, Work And More Work

Been very busy for the past few days and that I am too tired to update my blogs. Basically these 2 days is work, work and more work.

Went for my 5th driving lesson early in the morning yesterday. Was so sleepy and yet when it comes to driving I am so awake, but after the driving lesson, I am back to my sleepy mode again. Able to stop and move off from slope without any difficulty, but when it comes to main road, still cannot get the changing down of gears right. Think shall need more practice on that.

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28 Days Later

Went to school to celebrate Suqin birthday, bought a chocolate cake from Bengawan Solo at Tiong Bahru Plaza. The price of the cake is quite reasonable and it tastes quite good.

We cut the cake at SP’s foodcourt 6, but we sang the birthday song very soft, maybe scared embarrassed. We are shy people. LOL

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Parents’ 21st Wedding Anniversary

Met up with my FYP lecturer today. Our plan is to complete everything by end of next week, then for the next next whole week we will be doing documentations, powerpoint slides and rehearsal. Time is so short, don’t even know whether there is enough time to finish FYP.

Went for driving today. Learn how to drive up and down a slope. I must say I did very poorly in this area. Also went out to drive on the main road today. Was abit nervous as there are so many cars on the road, but overall still not as bad compared to the slopes. Well… my next lesson is on Saturday, think will be doing the same thing again. Guess I really need practice on the slope area.

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Women Integration Network (WIN)

Finally did something useful for my GAME assignment. Able to draw the wall, the seed and able to position the camera nicely. Many thanks to all my friends who helped me in that =D.

Had lunch today with Serene and co. At least today I join in the “Suanning Campaign” today because I missed it out yesterday. I think Laily had to bear with us till we get sick of suanning but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. LOL. Poor Laily.

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