Gmail With Push On iPhone Using Prowl And Your Own Webserver

Before I start this tutorial, I would like to give full credits to crimsontwo from xSellize forums and joshua.menke from cocoaforge. I merely improve on crimsontwo’s work.

In the thread, Gmail + push on iPhone w/ Prowl on xSellize forums, crimsontwo gave instructions on how to run the Prowl python script on your iphone. The downside to it is that if your iPhone connection change from EDGE to 3G or 3G to Wifi or any vice versa, the script will be disconnected from Gmail. To solve this problem, he recommends you to upload the script to your own web server instead.

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SingTel Launches iPhone 3GS On 10th July 2009

Singtel will be launching the new iPhone 3GS on Friday, 10th July 2009. Hopefully it will NOT be during office hour.

IPHONE: You have a date next Friday 10 July with your new iPhone 3GS – keep it free! We will email you early next week with launch event details, prices and upgrade options. Have a good weekend and see u next Friday! It’s going to be huge!

Received this SMS From Singtel
Received this SMS From Singtel

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Belkin Auto Charger For iPod And iPhone

Last Wednesday, Apple Store (Singapore) had a special one-day shopping event and are offering discounts in their online store. The discounts for Apple products is quite pathetic, imagine only S$20 off for iPod Nano only. If you are intending to buy it long ago, S$20 is definitely better than nothing but it will not attract you to buy. However the discounts for 3rd party products/software are quite good. I bought the Belkin Auto Charger For iPod And iPhone for S$30 (including delivery). The usual price is S$37. It is about 19% discount. Bought it on Wednesday and it got delivered to me on Friday.

And yes, IT WORKS on iPhone 3G.

Outer Box
Outer Box

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Creative EP-630i Stereo Headset

Sugih’s Wedding

Went to Jakarta, Indonesia over the weekend to attend a Sugih’s wedding, 1 day to be precise. My Valuair flight is on the 9th January 2009 at 1:35pm and the returning flight is on the 10th January 2009 at 3:20pm.

Creative EP-630i Stereo Headset - Box
Creative EP-630i Stereo Headset – Box

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Configuring iPhone/iPod Touch WLAN For NUS Wireless

Here is a tutorial on how to configure your iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch, or iPod Touch (2nd Gen) to connect to the NUS Wireless network. We will be using NUS WLAN SSID “NUS” instead of “NUSOPEN”, as “NUS” is protected by PEAP and it is much faster.

*UPDATE 2* There is a bug in iOS4 which cause .mobileconfig files not recognized by Safari. For more details, read here. To overcome this issue:

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Convert .plist From Binary To ASCII/Text XML

A popular site ( that converts binary .plist file to ASCII/Text XML .plist file is down for quite sometime. I decided to mirror the site, but instead of Perl, I am using PHP to do it. Similar to the site, the processing is done by

Here is the link:

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Spend more than 10 hours to modify layout to make it iPhone/iPod Touch viewable. At the moment, you can only view blog post and not pages. I have no plans to make the pages iPhone/iPod Touch viewable yet as it is a lot of work and I don’t find it necessary.

Just point your iPhone or iPod Touch to and it will detect your user agent and serve you the iPhone/iPod Touch layout if you are using either of the devices. on iPhone (Portrait - Width: 320px) on iPhone (Portrait – Width: 320px)

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