Burger King

Woo, today some people in the staff committee came to video tape my lecturer teaching us, can see that my lecturer is very nervous. LOL

Mom went for meeting, didn’t cook dinner. Went out with my girlfriend to Suntec City’s Burger King for dinner, long time since I ate Burger King. Later went to McDonalds to eat their chocolate sundae, as I also didn’t eat it for a long time.

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The Tuxedo

Went to eat Tim Sum at Lei Garden in the afternoon, my grandfather’s treat, it is my grandmother and grandfather wedding anniversary. LOL. Later on went to waterloo street the famous temple there to pray as exams is coming. My first paper on 22nd October 2002. Stress.

Went for dinner at Kenny Rogers at Great World City with my parents. Caught The Tuxedo movie at 6.50pm. Show lasted 2 hours, very funny show, comedy plus action show, not that bad. It is the typical “Jackie Chan” type of fighting style and movie. Still prefer So Close.

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Bugis Junction

Went to eat the famous minced pork noodle at another branch which is located at Best Way Building, both of them are brothers. Later on went to school to meet my girlfriend, Stacy, Jean and Zhi Wei to go to Sim Lim Square to buy some computer stuffs.

Most of them bought stuffs in Sim Lim Square expect me and Stacy. Nothing much to buy actually. Walk around Bugis Junction until about dinner time. Ate Simply Thai for dinner, not tt good, expensive and very little variety.

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DSAL Assignment

Finally started my DSAL assignment, just finished the 1st screen layout. LOL. Stayed back in school to do Entreneurship report until 5.15pm. Later on went to Funan’s coffee bean and tea leaves to drink some coffee as she is thristy. LOL

Went to Changi Airport Terminal 2 to eat Swensens for dinner and on the way fetch my uncle back from Brunei. Woo their new promotional ice cream is nice. I ate Banana Obsession, it is nice. $6.20 LOL.

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Pasta Mania

Went to eat pasta for my dinner at Pasta Mania in Funan, think they just opend a branch there. If not I always go to Picnic Food Court at Scotts Shopping Center. Later went to Fort Canning Park, looks like they just renovated there. So many flight of steps in order to reach the top, climb until so tired LOL. But Fort Canning Park still gives me a eerie feeling. LOL

Finally it is Friday, going to weekends soon which means more work. 9 days more to DEUI deadline, 13 days more to WWWP deadline, 14 days more to pass up CANI, DSAL and IWED assignments. See SO MANY ASSIGNMENTS. STRESS.

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Electives Day

Vote for my electives today at 4.30pm, they are IGRA[Interactive Computer Graphics], VBAS[Visual Basic Programming] and PCT[PC Technology], sent in my electives at 04:31:13pm. There are no guarantee that you will get what electives you choose, it is based on 3 criterias(in order), 1)Academic performance, 2)Aptitude and 3)First come first serve. Hope that I can get into the electives I wanted. Hehe

After the electives went to Suntec with the my girlfriend for dinner at the foodcourt then later went to Esplanade for a walk as usual. Saw 2 of my past semesters teacher at Suntec, so coincidence. Hehe

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Entreneurship Presentation

During IWED practical, continue on our assignment 2, finally, the INSERT statement bug is solved thanks to the lecturer’s help. I didn’t know “date” is a reserved word in asp, and that is the bug. LOL

During CANI lecture, our lecturer taught us how to use 3DS Max particles system, the effect that can be produced from that system is fantastic but requires a lot of time to tweak the settings so that it will be at its best.

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Monday Blues

What an “exciting” Monday, last minute announcements saying that for our next semester elective module (IGRA) will not be teaching C, but JAVA. Here is the quote, “The implementation language for IGRA is JAVA, not C++ as you have been briefed earlier”. This sucks, how can JAVA take over C in games development. JAVA is only good for creating mini games like Yahoo Pool and WAP Games, maybe SP thinks that there are a shortage of JAVA programmers nowadays. Sad, very sad.

I am still in a dilemma whether to choose JAVA which I hate, but can manage, or Design which I cannot manage but do not hate it. Sigh. Life sucks when you have to make difficult decision.

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Updated To b2 v0.6pre5

Upgraded this site to B2 v0.6pre5 of the B2 blogging software, new features such as PingBack and TrackBack, which up till now I do not know how it works.
Here are the main features:

» TrackBack support (not MT’s standalone trackback)
» Pingback support: Pingback is a new way to put the ‘web’ in ‘weblogs’, as it allows your blog to automatically notify other pingback-enabled blogs that you linked to them in an entry
» some new template tags
» many bugfixes
» and many more other stuffs.

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