Waiting …

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I am just waiting for time to pass, so I can really get to improvise on this site, because currently, I cannot touch any stuffs yet due to an uncertainty of whether my lecturers had graded my site yet. My results will be release around 23rd May 2002, so you guys have to be patient until after that.

I am not to sure whether any new content will be added, but I can say that there will be much more pictures in the gallery soon. New stuffs/features such as polls, counters, trackings, useronline have been added. I was hoping to implement a member feature, but it will required alot of time devoted to php scripting, and I do not know whether I will have the time, but somehow or rather I have the concept stored in my brain cells.

Site Done

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Site Done. All pages are completed, from now till 19th April 2002, I shall check for bugs, typo errors, grammers for all the pages, no new section or pages will be added. Just minor updates will be done to the pages over the week.


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Today is the deadline for this website to be handed up, once this site is marked, I will convert this site to .php instead of .htm which allows me to update things easier. I will add in a link database, news scripts, polls and much more. The power of php.

Bug Fixes

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Bugs fixed, added in some extra stuffs on top, added in Audio Module which allows you to listen to song when surfing this site. http://blogs.pixercor.net/gamerz is currently experiencing due to a connection re-route, will be back to nomal this Friday, 19th April 2002. Another backup site is @ http://gamerz.2gamerz.net is fully functional except for the downloads which is mirrored at Pixercor.

Site Almost Done

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Site almost 80% done, most of the pages are complete except Downloads, Links, Portfolio and Family. The feedback form is now updated, it can now validate required fields. The feedback form is programmed in php, if you want the source code, drop me an email. 11 more days to deadline.

Site Updates March 2002

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I have added in the Javascript code to detect the user’s browser version on the index page as the opacity image Javascript is not supported in IE5. Added Your Info and Affilates to the left-hand side menu, and added in almost all the pages url of thsi site to the Quick Menu and most importantly, fixed some minor html codes bugs.


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Created this page on the date of my birthday, spend about the whole day thinking, creating and deciding on the colors and the layout of this site. I have another website called 2GamerZ.NeT and this site is almost the same as that except for the colors and some alignments. And one major difference is that this site is coded in html by dreamweaver, and 2GamerZ.NeT is coded in php by PHP CoderPro and the html is coded in frontpage. I created the images in photoshop and some renders I did it in 3D Studio Max.