Added All My 16 Beta Plugins

I have added all my 16 plugins to this site downloads page, so you guys can grab the beta/development version of all my plugins easier.

All the plugins listed on that page are actually remote files each linking to the development version of the respective plugin over at WordPress Plugins Repository

Do note that the plugins listed there will always be beta/development version because once a version is stable, I will release it to and, and then move forward to the next development version.

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Plugins Structure Change Completed

I have updated all my plugins to the new structure as stated in the previous post. This site is running all of them right now. Things might break in this site, please post it in the forums if you find any bugs or any broken stuff.

If you would like to help me test the plugins, do check out: Getting Development Version Of My Plugins.

Thank You.

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Plugins Structure Changes

All my plugins will undergo a structure change to accommodate the Official WordPress Plugins Repository. This is also a much requested feature for most of my users as they complained that the zip file generated by WordPress Plugins Repository was 2 level deep and they got some issues when installing the plugin and the official plugin update notification will not work.

As posted in WordPress Ideas:

Some of us the older plugin authors are facing problem/hassle of restructuring the our plugin structure as our plugin name need not necessary follow the official plugin name folder naming convention.

And when user download the file from the repository, it will be the <official plugin name>\<plugin name>\<plugin>.php

As this is a major change, things will break, so I need you guys help to help me test it. The first plugin that rolls out this structure update will be WP-Polls.

The structure change for wp-polls involves:

  1. Using /wp-polls/ folder instead of /polls/
  2. Using wp-polls.php instead of polls.php
  3. Using wp-polls-widget.php instead of polls-widget.php
  4. Replacing all the old references with the new references stated above

Please kindly post any bugs found in WP-Polls Support Forum. Thank You.

I will roll out this updates to the rest of the plugins in December 2007/January 2008.

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