WP-Stats Filters

In the next release of WP-Stats, version 2.20. I will have some filters built into the Stats Page, Stats Options Page (in WP-Admin), Stats Widget and Stats Widget Options (in WP-Admin) so that other plugins can use the filters to display the stats on WP-Stats Page.

I will remove all my plugins stats from the core of WP-Stats so that I can use the filters to put in the stats into WP-Stats. I will have some examples when I finalized everything.

I have also removed all my plugins stats from WP-Stats Widget because as from now on, my individual plugin will get its own Widget. Like WP-EMail Widget, WP-PostRatings Widget etc.

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Counterize II & Fire Stats

I just uninstalled Counterize II and FireStats from this site and I will track the hits via DreamHost Stats panel.

The reason being FireStats is taking too much database space. My whole database (without gzip) is about 35MB and now it is backed to 3.2MB, notice the great difference?

So I went to try out Counterize II hoping that it will be smaller, as it says on the website it has a new database structure which saves on the space, but after installing it, my sql queries went from 41 queries per page to 60+ queries per page.

I ended up not using both.

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Plugins Uninstaller

My first plugin to have an uninstaller is WP-Polls and it is contributed by Philippe Corbes. Recently there is a thread in WordPress Forums asking plugin authors to provide uninstaller for their plugins. And that motivated me to add uninstaller to all my plugins, and they will be included in the next release.

I urge all plugin authors to do the same thing to prevent the options table from being overloaded with plugins’ options, and the wost part being that the plugin has already been deactivated and deleted.

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Widgets And Uninstaller

In short, Widgets and Uninstaller will be included in WP-PostRatings and WP-PostViews in version 1.20 onwards

WP-PostRatings widget supports “Most Rated” and “Highest Rated” posts and/or pages. WP-PostViews widget supports “Most Viewed” post and/or pages.

This should make quite a lot of users happy because they always wanted this feature instead of manually inputting php codes into the widget.

I have also added in an option page for WP-PostViews under “WP-Admin -> Options -> Post Views” in version 1.20. So now user can choose to let WP-PostViews count views from everyone, guest only or registered users only from the options page rather than manually editing the php code.

The release date hopefully will be around October 2007.

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WP-DownloadManager 1.00 Beta

I have updated the readme and as promised, here is WP-DownloadManger 1.00. The download file below is being embedded into this post via the plugin =)

» WP-DownloadManager Screenshots

» WP-DownloadManager Support Forum

The readme.html is inside the zip and here is the live demo page. For more information, refer to the post below this.

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