Speaking At Singapore PHP User Group Meetup (Dec 2007)

I will be speaking at Singapore PHP User Group Meetup (Dec 2007) on Wednesday, 12th December 2007 at Singapore Management University (SMU). The meetup will be from 7:30pm – 10:30pm.

My schedule as follows:

2) Technology: WordPress Plugin Development with PHP

Presenter: Lester Chan, WordPress Plugin Developer Extraordinaire

I am so nervous as it is my first time speaking publicly!

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WordPress For Dummies

Lidija from BlogWell, interviewed Lisa Sabin-Wilson, author of WordPress for Dummies. Lisa mentioned my name in the interview and I feel very honored. Thank you Lisa if you are reading this.

Lester Chan. He is a student, and he uses his WordPress plugins to put forward as he is going through school. People make donations to him because his work is fabulous. He’s got a couple of plugins that are just fabulous and one is called

Read the full transcript of the interview

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My Programming Portfolio Page

I have changed all my plugins download links listed on My Programming Portfolio Page to point to the Official WordPress Plugins Repository instead of to my own site as many users have problem downloading it from my site because DreamHost is quite sucky recently. I have been able to download it at times and most of the times the download just got cut off. So I figured out it would be better to point it directly to plugins repository instead.

Sorry if it took so long, I have been very busy with my school.

Go: My Programming Portfolio Page

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David Potter’s WordPress Plugin Reviews

David Potter has reviewed several WordPress themes and plugins and you can find those reviews here.

He as reviewed 4 of my plugins namely WP-Email, WP-Print, WP-PostViews and WP-DownloadManager.

His reviews are all very detailed, go check them out.

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