WP-PageNavi Updates

I have to go along with the web trend. My old WP-PageNavi style is outdated and I need to do something about it.

And hence, I modified the style to make it look like Digg (bottom of the page). You also can take a look at the bottom of this page to for an example.

This changes will be in WP-PageNavi 2.11. I have made it in such a way that every aspect of WP-PageNavi is customizable. The text that is displayed can be configured in WP-Admin -> Options -> PageNavi and the style can be configured via CSS in pagenavi-css.css

See the screenshots for more information, WP-PageNavi Screenshots.

37 thoughts on “WP-PageNavi Updates

  1. GaMerZ Post author

    hi there, if u need it urgently, drop by the forum and post a thread under WP-PageNavi, I will attached it for u

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  4. GaMerZ Post author

    Dude, if you are using < (which means less than) 2.11 then you are affected, if you are using 2.11 then you are not affected.

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