WordPress 3.5

WordPress 3.5 is out after 6 RCs!

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What’s New

If you’ve been around WordPress a while, the most dramatic new change you’ll notice is a completely re-imagined flow for uploading photos and creating galleries. Media has long been a friction point and we’ve listened hard and given a lot of thought into crafting this new system. 3.5 includes a new default theme, Twenty Twelve, which has a very clean mobile-first responsive design and works fantastic as a base for a CMS site. Finally we’ve spent a lot of time refreshing the styles of the dashboard, updating everything to be Retina-ready with beautiful high resolution graphics, a new color picker, and streamlining a couple of fewer-used sections of the admin.

For Developers

You can now put your (or anyone’s) WordPress.org username on the plugins page and see your favorite tagged ones, to make it easy to install them again when setting up a new site. There’s a new Tumblr importer. New installs no longer show the links manager. Finally for multisite developers switch_to_blog() is way faster and you can now install MS in a sub-directory. The Underscore and Backbone JavaScript libraries are now available

Codex: WordPress 3.5
Download: WordPress 3.5

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WordPress 3.5 RC3

WordPress 3.5 RC3 has been released, I am expecting it to be the last RC and we will see the final WordPress 3.5 sometime within this week. No idea whether they will meet the originally targeted date of 5th December 2012.

  • Final UI improvements for the new media manager, based on lots of great feedback.
  • Show more information about uploading errors when they occur.
  • When inserting an image into a post, don’t forget the alternative text.
  • Fixes for the new admin button styles.
  • Improvements for mobile devices, Internet Explorer, and right-to-left languages.
  • Fix cookies for subdomain installs when multisite is installed in a subdirectory.
  • Fix ms-files.php rewriting for very old multisite installs.

Here is a list of pending issues (6 left): http://core.trac.wordpress.org/report/5

Download: WordPress 3.5 RC3

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