My First Facebook App

Always wanted to try out creating a Facebook Application and finally took a little bit of time of and created a simple Facebook App called GaMerz.WordPress.

The application simply displays my live site traffic (users online) and the latest post for this site. The file is placed in the WordPress plugins folder but it does not need to get activated. If anybody wants the source code, just drop me an email.

GaMerZ.WordPress Facebook Application

GaMerZ.WordPress Facebook Application Install URL
GaMerZ.WordPress Facebook Application URL

Here are some links to help you get started:
Facebook PHP Client Library
Step-by-step Guide to Creating a Facebook Application
Facebook Developers Wiki

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Plugins Compatible With WP 2.3

I have updated this site to WordPress 2.3 Beta 1 as well as ALL my plugins to be compatible with WordPress 2.3. All the plugins are running live on this site. If you find any bugs, kindly do let me know by posting it in the forum.

I will be releasing the updated plugins (except WP-WAP and WP-ServerInfo) after WordPress 2.3 is officially released.

After doing some reviewing, most of my plugins will be able to work on WP 2.1 and above (including WP 2.3) except for WP-Stats 2.20 where you need to have at least WP 2.3.

All the plugins version listed below is the upcoming version and NOT the current version (except for WP-Stats 2.11).

Plugins that will work for 2.1.x and above (including WP 2.3)

  • WP-Ban 1.20
  • WP-DBManager 2.20
  • WP-PageNavi 2.20
  • WP-PluginsUsed 1.00
  • WP-RelativeDate 1.20
  • WP-ServerInfo 1.00
  • WP-WP-WAP 2.10

Plugins that will work for 2.1.x and above (including WP 2.3) 1 BUT will break WP-Stats 2.11

  • WP-DownloadManager 1.00
  • WP-Polls 2.21
  • WP-PostRatings 1.20
  • WP-PostViews 1.20
  • WP-Sticky 1.10
  • WP-Useronline 2.20

1 As the whole structure of WP-Stats had changed, any plugin version prior to the individual version stated above will break WP-Stats 2.11. The only solution to this, is to upgrade WordPress to 2.3, WP-Stats to 2.20 and the respective plugins to the version stated above. If you are not using WP-Stats, you can just ignore this.

Plugins that will work for 2.3 Only

  • WP-EMail 2.20
  • WP-Print 2.20
  • WP-Stats 2.20
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WordPress 2.3 Beta 1

WordPress 2.3 Beta 1 will be release later. Note that IT WILL NOT WORK with the current version of ALL my plugins as the whole /wp-admin/ folder had underwent some restructuring.

There WILL NOT be any more categories, link2cat, or post2cat tables. It will be replaced by terms, term_taxonomy and term_relationships. It means that my plugins MAY break as some of the functions uses direct query to those depreciated tables.

I will update the current development version of ALL my plugins to be compatible with WordPress 2.3 and above. If you are using the development version of my plugins for WordPress 2.2 after I updated all of them, it WILL BREAK.

I will post another entry once I have completed updating all of them to be compatible to WordPress 2.3.

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