WP-Email 2.20 Beta 1

I have added AJAX feature to WP-Email 2.20 because it has been requested quite a number of times. Now when you recommend your friend a post/page, it will be sent using AJAX.

I have updated this site from WP-Email 2.11 to WP-Email 2.20 Beta 1 to give you a live demo of the AJAX. Just click on any “Email This Post” link.

Changelog for WP-Email 2.20 Beta 1:

» NEW: AJAX Used To Email The Post/Page
» NEW: Most Emailed Widget Added
» NEW: Ability To Uninstall WP-EMail
» NEW: Uses WP-Stats Filter To Add Stats Into WP-Stats Page
» FIXED: Displaying Friend’s E-Mail Field Is Compulsory To Prevent Error
» FIXED: Method Of Storing SMTP Information Updated
» FIXED: If There Is No Trailing Slash In Your Permalink, WP-Email Will Add It For You

If you are interested in testing it for me:

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Without WWW

I have finally took some time off to redirect http://www.lesterchan.net/wordpress to https://lesterchan.net/wordpress and update my links to reflect this change.

As for my links in my WordPress plugins, I will update it when I release updates for all of them after WordPress 2.3 is released (sometime in September 2007).

For all those that linked me, it would be good if you can change my url from http://www.lesterchan.net/wordpress to https://lesterchan.net/wordpress. If you find it too troublesome to do so, you can just leave it as .htaccess will take care of it.

But most importantly, a big thank you for linking me.

Why is .www deprecated?

By default, all popular Web browsers assume the HTTP protocol. In doing so, the software prepends the ‘http://’ onto the requested URL and automatically connect to the HTTP server on port 80. Why then do many servers require their websites to communicate through the www subdomain? Mail servers do not require you to send emails to recipient@mail.domain.com. Likewise, web servers should allow access to their pages though the main domain unless a particular subdomain is required.

Succinctly, use of the www subdomain is redundant and time consuming to communicate. The internet, media, and society are all better off without it.

By: www. is deprecated.

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Future Of WordPress

Lorelle has put up a list about the future of WordPress which was derived from WordCamp 2007.

Here are 3 points which interest me the most:

» Expect to see WordPress Plugin updates in your WordPress Administration Panels linked to the database in the WordPress Plugin Directory very soon.

» Tags will be out in the September release of WordPress 2.3. It will function fairly similarly to the popular Ultimate Tag Warrior Plugin.

» A new WordPress Administration Panel will be coming in the WordPress 2.4 release around the end of the year. It is designed to put what users use the most in the fore and improve comments and posting for efficiency. It shouldn’t be a drastic update, but will increase efficiency and access.

For the full article, click Lorelle On WordCamp 2007.

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Featured On Mashable/WLTC

Mashable had featured 3 of my plugins namely WP-Polls, WP-PostRatings and WP-UserOnline in one of the post named 30+ AJAX-Powered WordPress Plugins.

Thank you Mashable!

Mark from Weblog Tools Collection also put in very nice words about me in his post.

Thank you Mark!

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14+ Awesome WordPress-Powered sites

Dougal has put up a list of 14+ awesome WordPress-powered sites on his site.

So being curious, I went to check those 14+ sites and see which sites are using my plugins.

After checking them out, 4 sites out of 14+ sites are using my plugins and they are:

» welovewp.com – WP-PostRatings
» delicious:days – WP-Polls
» PlayStation.Blog – WP-Email, WP-Polls
» Ford Motor Company’s Global Auto Shows – WP-PostRatings

Here are some sites posted in Dougal’s comments:

» WordPress Garden – WP-PostRatings
» Harry Potter Beyond – WP-Polls

Here are some sites posted in my comments:

» My Biggest Complaint – WP-PostRatings

To the webmasters of those sites, THANK YOU for your support.

PS: Maybe when I have the time I will have a links page that has links to all WordPress powered sites that are using my plugins. Just a thought =)

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