IGRA Exams Clash

First lesson was IGRA revision lecture. Crap. The exams is on this Wednesday not Saturday. Clash with my MMAS exams. No choice, have to study harder. Luckily IGRA is open book test, so is still ok. More worried about MMAS exams. Sigh. Will start studying tomorrow, as I will study IGRA today.

Had my MMAS/MMAD 5 minutes interview. Nothing much just let teacher see your application and compared it with the storyboard.

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HP iPAQ 5450

Went to pray in the afternoon as exams is coming. Pray that I can recover quickly and get good grades in exams. Went to Bugis Junction for lunch. Wanted to eat Mos Burger, but end up eating Swensens because my parents hated fastfood. LOL

Came home, my uncle ask me to go Funan with him, he want to see digital camera. Went to Funan, instead of seeing for digital camera, he bought a HP iPAQ 1910 and bought for me a HP iPAQ 5450 with 128MB SD Memory. He bought that for me because he strike 4D first prize. LOL. So luckily. And he just struck the third prize not long ago. Thanks Uncle Raymond. =D

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Bullet Proof Monk

Think I just got a flu today, running nose and slight cough. But luckily no fever. The SARS outbreak is getting quite bad. Thanks to China who cover up the whole incident since it is first discovered last year.

Met Lian in the afternoon to watch Bullet Proof Monk. Didn’t saw any trailer on this film, only posters. But surprisingly, it is nice, even better than Johnny English.

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Something Is Wrong With My Com

Woke up in the afternoon today, feeling much better after a constant attack on the sore in my throat. LOL

Something is very wrong with my computer, everytime when I turn on my computer and it load windows, I only can see my desktop picture, nothing else. No start menu, no desktop icons. I only can access task manager to do things. Click here to see the screenshot. And the only solution to solve it is to End Task Explorer.exe and Run Explorer.exe again, then restart my computer, then everything will be back to normal. If I turn off and turn on my computer the same problem will occur.

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Johnny English

Reached school at 9am to finish up my VB and passed it up before I went for my TBCM. Saw alot of VB assignments being done in the lab, most of them are very graphics intensive and I also noticed alot of people like to use comic/cartoon characters. LOL. Well some are really fantastic, some are just so-so. I hope no one come out with Multiplayer feature for the VB assignment. If not spoil market. LOL

Had TBCM interview today, was quite nervous, don’t know why, I think even the actual job interview will not be as nervous as this. LOL

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IGRA Interview

Had IGRA interview. As usual, he was late for 15 minutes. Funny thing is that my interview only takes 5 minutes? Just show him what my program will do, and thats all. No question asked. He said that he believe that the assignment is done by me because there is no fanciful stuff like particles. LOL

Stayed back for a few hours to do my VB. Fixed some bugs here and there. Tomorrow is the deadline. Shall go school and do the adding of the winning music and burn it to CD. At home, don’t know why cannot add in ActiveX controls. Must do it in school. So troublesome. Hope nothing cocks up.

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New Wallpaper

Lian came my house in the morning to do her DEAE assignment. Had lunch at Cineleisure foodcourt before meeting Klaus and gang to buy Jacky’s birthday present. Walked till my leg is “sour”. From Wisma Atria to Far East to Shaw to Ngee Ang City.

After everything, Lian and I had a light snack at Takashimya foodcourt, while the others went home. Came home look through my director file, realize that there are some very minor aesthetic bug here and there. Fixed all of them and improve on the quiz results. As expected the deadline for MMAD/MMAS assignment is extended to Monday, 21st April 2003, 10am.

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The Returner

Suppose to have IGRA interview at 9am in the morning, but lecturer was late for an hour and Lian coming my house later on. So I end up telling him I will book the interview timeslot on Wednesday. I think almost the whole class got interviewed except for me. And I saw one of my classmate’s screen saver. I was totally demoralize. The lecturer was shock too. Most pro people who uses particle system cannot answer the first question of the interview. Luckily mine is simple and I did not use it, although I understand it abit.

Met Lian at Tiong Bahru Plaza before coming home to watch The Returner. It is a Japanese action pack show. The effect was good. Proceed to Orchard later to buy Lian’s shoes from OG. Sat down at Mos Burger at Ngee Ang City after that before coming home.

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National Kidney Foundation Show 2003 Part 1

Woke up in the afternoon. Went to World Trade Center, now known as Harbor Front Center for lunch at the foodcourt there. The food there sucks, and Harbor Front Center got nothing much to see, although after major renovations it is now much nicer on the inside.

Came home printed my MMAD/MMAS task 7 and 8. Try to get everything ready by Wednesday, because deadline is on Friday. Learned my lessons on last minute work.

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Express Bus 501

Ate my house Lor Mee for lunch, been weeks since I ate that. Miss the Lor Mee. LOL. Went to Compass Point to meet Lian. When I reached there, she say she late 30 minutes. Went to Delifrance to sit down and have some light snacks. Tried the DeliPotatoes, nice from my point of view because I like potatoes. I look around and I think I am the only one that eat with the potato’s skin on, the rest just left behind the skin.

Walked round Compass Point after Lian Came. Actually Compass Point got nothing much. Both of us got bored of it and decided to go to Suntec’s City. Took the Express Bus 501 because it is the only bus from Sengkang that goes to Suntec. Cannot use BusPass and the fare is $2. LOL

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