Dell Swarm

I was invited to a Intel/Dell Swarm event yesterday at Geek Terminal. Dell Swarm is a very nice idea and the idea was came out by Dell Singapore and hence Singapore is the first country to be launching it on 5th May 2009 (tentatively). Dell business model has always been unique and most polytechnics and universities around the world always use Dell business model and supply chain as case study for the students. Dell Swarm brought a whole new meaning in buying things online.

When we all want to buy Dell products, the first thing that comes to our mind will be, Dell Singapore Website. You can also email or call to make your Dell purchases. This is a 1 to 1 buying directly from Dell. What if you want to gather more of your friends to buy together in bulk to enjoy greater discounts? That is Dell Swarm for you. Dell Swam allows you and your friends (up to 15 people) to buy Dell products in a Swarm together and enjoy the bulk discount. Each person is allowed to buy up to 3 units of any Dell products. You can share the Swarm via social networking sites like Facebook and ask you friends to join the buying spree. Each swarm will last for 72 hours or when the people in the swarm reaches 15.

Dell Swarm Home Page

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Nokia Messaging

As mentioned in my previous post, Nokia Messaging makes mobile email easy and mobilizes consumer email across a range of Nokia S60 devices. Nokia Messaging enables users to quickly set up, access, and use their email on their Nokia devices through a service that is optimized for mobile email.

Today, there was a blogger event showcasing Nokia Messaging on Nokia Eseries phones such as the E71, E63, E66 and the E75. Setting up an email has never been easier, just need two things, your email address and your email password and Nokia Messaging will automatically try to determine your IMAP settings (default is IMAP and not POP3) based on your email address. If you are using Hotmail or Yahoo Mail, you are able to use the IMAP services on Nokia Messaging even though you are not Hotmail/Yahoo premium paying customers. Do note that you are not connecting to the mail severs straight but you are going through Nokia servers and then Nokia servers will query the mail servers on your behalf. Similar to how BlackBerry works. You are allowed up to 10 email accounts (non-corporate) on the Nokia Messaging.

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Blogger Race on the SingTel F1 Simulators

I was invited to the Singtel Blogger Race on the SingTel F1 Simulators which current location is at SingTel Pickering Operations Complex. It will be over at Suntec City next week if I am not wrong. I also got to put on the F1 race suit and after wearing it, it was literally an inbuilt sauna due to the fire resistant material! After taking pictures with it, I immediately took it off. No wonder those F1 drivers can lose a lot of weight!

Got to play with the SingTel F1 simulators, it was developed by a London company. I must say it is pretty realistic especially the crashing part. I did pretty bad for the score, took 3 minutes and 22 seconds to complete a lap. The winner was 2 minutes and 36 seconds and it was by a girl! Even the runner up also was a girl! Guys took the 3rd and 4th place!

We Are At The Right Place

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Iluma is one of the newest shopping center in town which is near Bugis MRT Station. It is located in between Queen Street and Victoria Street. It is quite huge and have 5 levels. I don’t think there is any basement level. I can’t seem to find a link to the official website.

Coffee Bean, Nichi Fashion City, Comics Connection, Pasta De Waraku, Thai Express, Asian Kitchen and many more are already opened for business. Nevertheless, the shopping center is still quite empty. In particular the lower levels shops are all not occupied. Come across this interesting shop called Otaku House, which sells cosplay clothes as well as Japanese Anime collectibles. There is also a new cinema at Iluma is called Film Garde, which if I am not mistaken also operates a cinema in Kallang Leisure Park.

View From Queen Street

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WordPress For Dummies 2nd Edition

Placed an order for my copy of WordPress For Dummies 2nd Edition by Lisa from Amazon on 5th April 2009. Accordingly to Amazon, the estimated delivery date should be on the 12th May 2009, but I guess Amazon overestimated by a lot as I received it in my letterbox today on the 16th April 2009. It took less than 2 weeks to reach me! Nice job Amazon.

Price Breakdown
Book: US$15.74
Shipping: US$9.98
Total: US$25.72
Total: S$38.58 (US$25.72 x 1.50)

Amazon Box

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Tampines 1 Blogger Mall Tour & Meet Together Session

I was at the Tampines 1 blogger mall tour and meet together session together with Li Xiang. The meeting time was 2pm, but we are slightly late a little. I apologized for that. We met at level 6 which is at the management office. Upon reaching level 5, we realized that there is no way up to level 6 as the lift button and escalator to level 6 was disabled. The only way up is from service stairs.

On the first day, an estimated 111,000 people visited Tampines 1 and on second day it rose to 143,000. All shopping malls are equipped with a human traffic counter at the top of all glass door entrances. I didn’t know about it actually. If you happen to note it next time, it is actually a little black box often mistaken as a sensor.The tour started from level 5 all the way to basement 1. Due to time constraint, we only visited certain stores.

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SingTel Huawei E180 Modem

I was trying my luck by dropping Ivy aka Nanyate from Singtel an email to see if I can purchase the Singtel Huawei E180 Modem directly from Singtel at a discounted rate. But to my surprise, Singtel decided to give it to me for free. Thank you Ivy! Thank you Singtel!

My Singtel Huawei E180 Modem arrived on Thursday, 9th April 2009.

Singtel Huawei E180 Modem Box – Front View

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Mirroring Files + Databases From DirectAdmin To cPanel

I am hosting lesterchan.net on ex-FRRO shared/reseller server, now it can be considered a dedicated server that I am sharing together with Michael Feng. I have also a shared hosting account with a dedicated IP sponsored by Vodien Internet Solutions (which has excellent and fast customer service by the way). The FRRO server is using DirectAdmin while Vodien uses cPanel.

I have been Googling for days to find a way to replicate my files and databases from DirectAdmin (FRRO) To cPanel (Vodien) on a daily basis, but unfortunately I can’t find a way to do it. So I decided to think out of the box/back to basic and not do use DirectAdmin to cPanel but rather use rsync and mysqldump from one server to another.

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