Griffin PowerJolt Micro

I got the Belkin Auto Charger For iPod And iPhone almost 3 years ago, but unfortunately it could not charge my iPad and hence I got to get another car charger for my iPad as I will be using it as a backup GPS device for my US trip next month.

The Griffin PowerJolt Micro is capable of charging iPad, iPhone and iPod. It takes in an input of 12v DC and output 5v DC at 2.1A. In order to charge the iPad properly, you need 2.1A whereas iPhone/iPod just need 500mAh.

Box Front

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SingTel Unveils Singapore’s Next Social Media Star

About more than a month ago, SingTel started Looking For Singapore’s Next Social Media Star and a month later, she has been found!

She is Joanne-Marie Sim and she walked away with a S$10,000 cash prize and a S$10,000 contract to host the new weekly lifestyle series on YouTube called TGIS (Thank Goodness It’s SingTel).

Joanne-Marie Sim

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Crumpler Bag – Dry Red No. 2

Saw the Crumpler Dry Red No. 2 a couple of months back, but it was out of stock island-wide. So when the stock came back in last week, I immediately went down and bought it. I went to VivoCity but they did not have a new piece, so they reserved a new piece for me at their Raffles City branch.

Crumpler Singapore is very active on their Facebook Page, it is so easy to check on stocks and prices, just post on their wall, and they will get back to you within 48 hours! Thumbs up for their customer engagement!

Front View

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Mophie Juice Pack Boost

Bought the Mophie Juice Pack Boost from Apple (Singapore) Online Store for S$69.90. I can’t seem to find it in any Authorized Apple Reseller stores in Singapore. Instead they are still selling the older model, the one with 1,500mAh battery (Amazon Link) instead of this 2,000mAh one.

The Mophie Juice Pack Boost is bigger and much lighter than it looks. I was expecting it to be more compact in size and heavier, but surprising it is lighter than any of my Eneloop Chargers that I bring along in my bag whenever I am out (which is a good thing).

Packaging Front

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Bluelounge Milo

Bluelounge Milo is a mobile phone stand but with a twist! It has a micro suction area that allows you to place your mobile phone in any desired angle! For my case, if I am resting my iPhone on it vertically, it just leans against the back. However, I also can place it horizontally because the micro suction will hold on my iPhone without the need for it to rest of any base.

The Bluelounge Milo cost US$14.95 (S$18.90).


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Bluelounge Kicks

Bluelounge Kicks is a small, thin, silicone-rubber rails that prevent your iPad from slipping, scratching and damage. Once it is applied, you can lean your iPad 2 against the edge of your table while you rest the iPad on your lap.

The rubber rails provide a better grip against the edge of the table and hence providing you a fix and stable position while you read you ebooks or surf the Internet on your iPad.


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Apple iPhone Micro USB Adapter

The Apple iPhone Micro USB Adapter is currently only being sold in the UK Apple Stores (both online and retail) for £8.00 (S$16.23).

I bought it from the Apple Store at Regent Street when I was there in London for Nokia World 2011. I think it is a good gift to give to people who are Apple fans because you can’t get it anywhere else in the world!


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Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Bought the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit before my flight to London in iStudio located in Changi Airport Terminal 3 for S$54.21. Since I was departing to London and have a valid boarding pass, I do not need to pay the 7% GST/tax, if not the normal price is S$58.

The Kit is designed to work with iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple MagSafe Power Adapters (for MacBook and MacBook Pro), Portable Power Adapters (for iBook and PowerBook), and AirPort Express.


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