Mujjo Galaxy S3 Wallet

MobyShop is selling the Mujjo Galaxy S3 Wallet for S$48. The Mujjo Galaxy S3 Wallet is an excellent well-made stylish pouch that fits the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and even the HTC One.

They also have one that fits the iPhone 5 and it also cost S$48.

Mujjo Galaxy S3 Wallet - Box Front
Mujjo Galaxy S3 Wallet – Box Front

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PKG Slim Sleeve For MacBook Air 13″

PKG Slim Sleeve for MacBook Air is a nostalgic looking padded sleeve for the MacBook Air 11″/13″.

Upon touching it, you will feel that the sleeve is constructed using premium materials. There is a thick padding within the sleeve to protect your MacBook Air from knocks. The sleeve will fit your MacBook Air exactly, leaving no extra space behind. And hence you will not be able to fit in a MacBook Air with a hardshell casing.

PKG Slim Sleeve for MacBook Air 13 Inch - Front View
PKG Slim Sleeve for MacBook Air 13 Inch – Front View

· 0 Views · Comments USB Cable was the 10th Kickstarter project that I backed and the one that got delayed the longest! I backed the project on 15th May 2012, got funded on the 8th June 2012 and was supposed to ship in September 2012. But unfortunately due to delays after delays, I finally got it almost a year later on 1st August 2013.

I kinda regretted backing this. Paid US$55 (S$70) which includes free worldwide shipping for 3x limb.als + 2x accessories (2m meter female USB extension cord or USB car charger). I chose 2x Micro USB limb.als and 1x Apple 30-pin For the accessories, I chose 2x 2m meter female USB extension cord, but when I received it, I only got 1. If you look at the comments left behind by other Kickstarter members, they are basically condemning it. - Package Contents – Package Contents

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Griffin PowerDock 5

I have been eying on the Griffin PowerDock 5 since it was announced back in January 2013. But unfortunately it wasn’t released till last month (July 2013).

The Griffin PowerDock 5 is retailing for US$99 (S$126) directly from Griffin’s website. I doubt it will come to Singapore anytime soon. Griffin offers free shipping within the US and they do ship to Singapore directly and for the PowerDock 5, the cheapest shipping is about US$12 (S$15.30) without tracking. But I did not choose that option, instead I shipped it to HopShopGo, which is a freight forwarder and paid US$20.08 (S$25.50) for DHL Express shipping to Singapore.

Griffin PowerDock 5 - Box Front
Griffin PowerDock 5 – Box Front

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