Bailong Elevator

This controversial 326 metre high elevator takes you up the side of one of the many enormous cliffs in zhangjiajie, china – the lower 1/3 running from a cavern through the rock, the top 2/3 rising outside to the summit – and is the highest and heaviest outdoor elevator in the world. the elevator has an uncertain future due to the potential harm caused to the surrounding landscape.

Source: Spluch: Bailong Elevator

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Java Sucks

Java Sucks
Been doing hardcore EJB3.0 because of my CS3214 and boy I have never been more pissed off with Java than this. As usual, I just hate it when Java threw an exception, because whenever I do a printStackTrace(), it will fucking give me error lines for files that is not even in my project, those are files belonging to Java itself. It is useless for an average end user point of view.

When there is an exception in your JSP (not compiling error), it will throw you an error line of the compiled version instead of the error line in your JSP, and they expect me to find that error line.

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Microsoft Magic

An Indian discovered that nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on the computer which can be named as “CON”. This is something pretty cool…and unbelievable… At Microsoft the whole Team, couldn’t answer why this happened!

For those of you using Windows, do the following:
1) Open an empty notepad file
2) Type “Bush hid the facts” (without the quotes)
3) Save it as whatever you want..
4) Close it, and re-open it.

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Parkour is an activity of French origin, the aim of which is to move from point A to point B as efficiently and quickly as possible, using principally the abilities of the human body.

Just watch finished District 13, it is a French action film which features Parkour and starring David Belle, the co-founder of Parkour. The movie is not bad but the movie is in French and the worst part is that the English dub sucks.

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New Power Supply

My Pentium 4 3.2GHz desktop will be reaching 4 years old in 2 months time. 2 days ago, my power supply unit (PSU) decided to give up on me by automatically cutting off the power to my computer and hence my computer is prone to shutting down anytime.

2 days ago, when I woke up, I was like how come it is so quiet (my computer is noisy due to the PSU also) and then I realize my computer was off. As I am going to school, I did not on it till I came home at night. When I came home at night, I on it, everything seems to be normal. But about 2am after finishing talking to Li Xiang on the phone, I witness my computer turning off by itself. I was like WTF? I immediately try turning back on, but it will automatically off after passing BIOS (I tried it like 5 times). I decided to let it rest and then after 15 minutes, I turn it back on again and it works as per normal. I check whether the bottom of my PSU’s fan is spinning and to my horror, it is not spinning. I took a sharp object and twirl the PSU’s fan to get its engine started, it spinned by itself eventually after a few twirls. I went to sleep after that.

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Touching Love Story

From the very Beginning, Gal’s family objected strongly on her dating this guy. Saying that it has got to do with family background, & that the gal will have to suffer for the rest of her life if she were to be with him. Due to family’s pressure, the couple quarrelled very often. Though the gal love the guy deeply, but she always ask him: “How deep is your love for me?” As the guy is not good with his words, this often cause the gal to be very upset. With that & the family’s pressure, the gal often vent her anger on him. As for him, he only endured it in silence.

After a couple of years, the guy finally graduated & decided to further his studies overseas. Before leaving, he proposed to the gal: “I’m not very good with words. But all I know is that I love you. If you allow me, I will take care of you for the rest of my life. As for your family, I’ll try my best to talk them round. Will you marry me?” The gal agreed, & with the guy’s determination, the family finally gave in & agreed to let them get married. So before he leave, they got engaged. The gal went out to the working society, whereas the guy was overseas, continuing his studies. They sent their love through emails & phone calls. Though it’s hard, but both never thought of giving up.

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