WordPress For Dummies Arrived

Amazon estimated shipping arrival date is quite accurate. After my book is shipped, it listed on the site that it will arrived on the 18th December 2007 and it really did, in fact it came early in the morning at about 10am. Here are some pictures:

In fact, I have already browse/read through the entire book and I find it quite useful especially the WordPress MU part as I am not familiar with it. I always wonder what is the difference between /wp-content/mu-plugins/ and /wp-content/plugins/ when I extracted the zip, but after reading the book, I got my answer.

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A Busy Week In December 2007

Been a pretty busy week for me, here is a summary of what I did. It has been sometime since I posted something about my life. This is going to be a very long post.

Nokia Christmas Crimes 2007
Got invited by Dinesh to the Nokia year end party called Nokia Christmas Crimes 2007 which is located at Thumper in Goodwood Park Hotel. Li Xiang got drunk after drinking her own glass of white wine and 1/2 a glass of my white wine. It was quite a funny moment. The food was good, the prizes was good, I think they gave out Nokia N93i as prizes in certain games, but the only thing bad about it was I didn’t get to win any prizes. We were the first one there and I did not win the early bird draw =(

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CS2105 Is Hell

I got only 2 papers this semester despite taking 4 modules (20 MCs). Out of these 2 papers, 1 of them is open book and partially it is based on common sense (CS3253) and hence I did not spend much time studying it.

I spent exactly 1 week studying CS2105 because the fucking workload is so heavy, fuck loads of stuffs to memorize, closed book exams and not even a single fucking help sheet is allowed (last semester, help sheet is allowed). CS2105 is a computer network module and of course it covers the 5 layers of network. I am fine with that, but I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHY THE FUCK DO WE NEED TO KNOW signal calculations/details, WE ARE COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS AND NOT ENGINEERS. Please wake up your idea.

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WordPress For Dummies

Lidija from BlogWell, interviewed Lisa Sabin-Wilson, author of WordPress for Dummies. Lisa mentioned my name in the interview and I feel very honored. Thank you Lisa if you are reading this.

Lester Chan. He is a student, and he uses his WordPress plugins to put forward as he is going through school. People make donations to him because his work is fabulous. Hes got a couple of plugins that are just fabulous and one is called

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Phew, just submitted my CS3214 on Friday at 3pm after camping 2 days in school rushing for it due to some hiccups the last week. I think the hopes for at least an A- is dashed for it, hopefully I still can get B+ for it. I made the right choice by doing CS3214 this semester as my teammates are all damn good in their own areas, web, documentation and business logic, kudos to you guys and girls. I will be going back to school tomorrow for rehearsal for my presentation will be on Wednesday.

NUS Facebook Course (CS3216)
I posted an entry entitled, NUS Offering Facebook Programming and someone posted that article on and after that I got an interview from The New Paper (TNP). And apparently this causes quite an amount of attention to be given to my school as The Sunday Times, TNP and Channel 8 & U has asked for a story on the new Facebook course. They are going to hold a press briefing next Wednesday and so happen on that day is my CS3214 presentation, if the postpone it to other days, I will be going down to help.

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