Twelve South MagicWand

Li Xiang got for me 2 presents this year and a short trip to Malaysia for my birthday! The Twelve South MagicWand (Apple Store – Singapore link) which cost S$45 is my first present and the Twelve South BookArc (Apple Store – Singapore link) which cost S$65 is the second present!

The Twelve South MagicWand is essentially a holder which holds the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple Magic Trackpad together.

Twelve South MagicWand - Packaging Front
Twelve South MagicWand – Packaging Front

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Targus Blue Trace Mouse

Targus’s Blue Trace is its version of Microsoft’s BlueTrack which is used for mice to make it usable on any surfaces including glass!

Targus releases 2 mice using the Blue Trace technology, Targus Wireless Blue Trace Mouse (AMW50AP-53) which is retailing for S$29.90 and the other is Targus Compact Blue Trace Mouse (AMU75AP-54) retailing for S$18.90.

Targus Wireless Blue Trace Mouse - Packaging Front
Targus Wireless Blue Trace Mouse – Packaging Front

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Apple Magic Trackpad

Bought the Magic Trackpad at iStudio located at Changi Airport Terminal 3 on Friday before I left for Jakarta, Indonesia. On the same day, Apple Singapore is having a Chinese New Year Sale. As there are no 7% tax at the airport, it amounts to about the same price as the CNY sale. Got it for S$91.59. In fact, if you are getting more expensive items like MacBook Pro or Air, it is even cheaper at the airport than during the CNY sale.

Box Front

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Apple Wireless Keyboard

I love my Dell 2408WFP Monitor because it has not 1 but 2 DVI ports! This allows me to connect to my Windows desktop as well as to my MacBook Pro without physically switching the DVI cables from my monitor.

As I have been using Mac a lot during office hours, I wanted the same setup I have in my office at home which is 1 external monitor and dual screen it with my MacBook Pro. In order not to clutter my desk with too many items, I bought the Apple Wireless Keyboard for S$98 and together with my Apple Magic Mouse paired using bluetooth to my MacBook Pro, I am able to have both Mac and Windows environment with just a single monitor but having 2 separate sets of keyboard and mouse.


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MacPadd Aluminium Mouse Pad

MacPadd does aluminum mouse pads. It is precision manufactured from a solid piece of Aluminum. It is available it in two sizes, MacPadd (9″x6″) costs US$25.00 and MacPadd Pro (9″x9″) costs US$35.00. Unfortunately, their online shop does not ship to Singapore. There are two other distributors, MacWay is based in France and Other World Computing based in the USA.

I did not check out MacWay instead I checked out Other World Computing and it does ship to Singapore and best of all it can be paid using PayPal. I got the MacPadd Pro at US$31.99 and shipping to Singapore cost US$13.73, so total is US$45.72. I placed order and paid on the 9th November 2009 and on the 10th November 2009 it was shipped and I received it yesterday on the 18th November 2009. Took only 8 days to reach Singapore shores.


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