Microsoft Releases Office 365 & Office 2013

Microsoft Office 365 & Microsoft Office 2013 is now available (as of 30th January 2013)! you can get it from your favourite computer stores or online directly from Microsoft Store Singapore Online Store.

If you have bought the previous version of Microsoft office between 19th October 2012 to 30th April 2013, you are entitled to a free upgrade, just go to to redeem your copy of Microsoft Office 365 or Office 2013. The redemption period is between 29th January 2013 and 31st May 2013.

Microsoft Office 365   Microsoft Office 2013 Professional
Microsoft Microsoft Office 365 (Left), Office 2013 Professional (Right)

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Adobe Creative Suite 2 (CS2) Is Now FREE

Adobe Creative Suite 2 (CS2) which was released on 2nd April 2005 is now FREE, yes FREE as in $0, you can download it from the official Adobe CS2 Download Page or from the table below which I copied out.

Do note that for the Mac version, it will not work with the current generation of Macs as it is meant for Power PC based Mac instead of Intel based Mac. You need to be using Mac OS X 10.2.8 to 10.3.8 or Rosetta in order to get it to work.

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Adobe Acrobat XI

On 1st October 2012, Adobe announced Adobe Acrobat XI (11), the successor to Adobe Acrobat X (10) which was released almost 2 years ago on 15th November 2010.

In a nutshell, creating/editing PDF forms has been made much easier though a new bundled software called Adobe FormCentral (you can also choose to do it inside Acrobat XI as well).

Adobe Acrobat XI - FormsCentral
Adobe Acrobat XI – FormsCentral

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Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2013

Time flies, it has been a year since the launch of Trend Micro Titanium Cloud Edition Maximum Security 2012.

This year, for Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2013, Trend Micro held the launch at GV VivoCity where it’s partners, Facebook Fans and bloggers all got invited to the launch, followed by a movie screening of Resident Evil: Retribution.

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2013 - Box Front
Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2013 – Box Front

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Loop & Meet App

Loop & Meet (SingTel link) is an App by SingTel that allows you to manage RSVP to your events. It is different from Facebook Event because each of your guest will receive an SMS for your event and they can RSVP to the event by replying to the SMS with a #yes, #no or #maybe. Not everyone check Facebook often, but most do at least reply to SMSes.

It is free on the Apple App Store as well as Google Play.

Creating EventChoosing Your Guests
Creating Event & Choosing Your Guests

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Norton Refreshes It Products, Drops Version Number

Last week Norton refreshes it’s product line-up to be compatible with Windows 8. Another major difference (something that I like) is they completely dropped the version number/year at the end of the product name.

Just for reference, here are the previous versions:

Norton Internet Security - Box
Norton Internet Security – Box

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Microsoft’s New Corporate Logo

Microsoft has gotten a new corporate logo after 25 years! It was unveiled last Thursday, 23rd August 2012.

It’s been 25 years since we’ve updated the Microsoft logo and now is the perfect time for a change. This is an incredibly exciting year for Microsoft as we prepare to release new versions of nearly all of our products. From Windows 8 to Windows Phone 8 to Xbox services to the next version of Office, you will see a common look and feel across these products providing a familiar and seamless experience on PCs, phones, tablets and TVs. This wave of new releases is not only a reimagining of our most popular products, but also represents a new era for Microsoft, so our logo should evolve to visually accentuate this new beginning.

Microsoft New Corporate Logo
Microsoft New Corporate Logo

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