Apple TV (4th Generation)

Pre-ordered the Apple TV (4th Generation) last Monday, 26th October 2015, and it was shipped to me on the official release date which was 30th October 2015 via DHL Express.

In Singapore, the Apple TV (4th Generation) is retailing for S$248 for the 32GB variant and S$318 for the 64GB variant. I bought the 32GB variant because I haven’t figured out if I needed so much space on a media player.

Apple TV (4th Generation) - Box Front
Apple TV (4th Generation) – Box Front

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Google Chromecast (2015)

The original Chromecast was released on 24th July 2013 and has since sold over 20 million units. 2 years later, Google finally unveiled an updated Chromecast and announced it during a special event that was held on 29th September 2015.

You can call it Chromecast 2 or Chromecast (2015). I would prefer Chromecast (2015) since the product name is still called Chromecast and Google uses the slug “chromecast_2015” in its store URL to buy the Chromecast.

Chromecast (2015) - Top
Chromecast (2015) – Top

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Amazon Fire TV Stick

Bought the Amazon Fire TV Stick for US$39 (S$54) just to try it out since I already decided on buying the Amazon Echo (next post) and my kitchen’s television needs a media casting device.

Why not another Chromecast? This is because I wanted to try a new gadget and I think Chromecast is due for a refresh soon as it has been almost 2 years since it was launched.

Amazon Fire TV Stick - Box Front
Amazon Fire TV Stick – Box Front

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Nexus Player

Amazon was having a 30% discount on the Nexus Player two weeks ago. I contemplated for a few days because I am not sure if I need it but in the end I still decided to get it because I am a sucker for new gadgets.

I got it on Amazon for US$67.68 (S$93) back on 29th June 2015. Since it does not ship to Singapore directly, I shipped it to my favourite freight forwarder, HopShopGo, and got them to ship to me once they received the parcel. I paid US$19.64 (S$27) for the shipping from HopSHopGo to Singapore via DHL Express.

Nexus Player - Box Front
Nexus Player – Box Front

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Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter Review

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter which retails for S$110 in Singapore can be mistaken for Microsoft’s version of Google Chromecast. In fact, both of them are quite different. Despite their differences, I don’t think their prices should vary that much. So I am not too sure why Microsoft would price the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter at US$59.95 when the Google Chromecast is only retailing for US$35.

Microsoft Wireless Display will work with Windows devices and Android devices but not iOS devices, whereas Google Chromecast will work with Android devices and iOS devices but not Windows devices.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter - Box Front
Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter – Box Front

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Western Digital TV Media Player (WD TV) Review

Western Digital refreshed their WD TV media player back in May 2014. It features a new user interface and supports a wider range of formats including .mkv, .mp4, .avi, and offers social connectivity through apps like YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and Facebook among others. The new model also supports Miracast and allows users to project their Miracast enabled mobile devices onto their TV in up to full HD 1080p.

The new WD TV is retailing for S$169.

WD TV - Box Front
WD TV – Box Front

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Google Chromecast

Bought the Google Chromecast from Amazon for US$35 (S$44) excluding shipping. Google Chromecast is similar to Apple’s AirPlay technology using Apple TV.

If you are in the US, you can watch Netflix, Hulu Plus as well as movies, TV shows, and music from Google Play. However for normal users in Singapore, there is nothing much you can do with it beside streaming YouTube videos and mirroring your Chrome tabs.

Google Chromecast - Box Front
Google Chromecast – Box Front

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Samsung MHL Cable

I have problems finding MHL cables in Singapore for my Galaxy Nexus. MHL stands for Mobile High-Definition Link and here is the definition from Wikipedia:

Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) is a proposed industry standard for a mobile audio/video interface for directly connecting mobile phones and other portable consumer electronics (CE) devices to high-definition televisions (HDTVs) and displays. The MHL standard features a single cable with a low pin-count interface able to support up to 1080p high-definition (HD) video and digital audio while simultaneously charging the connected device.

Samsung MHL Cable - Package
Samsung MHL Cable – Package

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Apple TV (2nd Generation)

Bought the Apple TV (2nd Generation) from San Francisco’s Apple Store for US$99 (after tax is US$107.67 = S$136.96).

I wish they sold it in Singapore but because there is no iTunes Movies/TV Shows rental service in Singapore, I doubt it will happen anytime soon. Nevertheless, it is still not a bad media player for that price. Not forgetting that the Apple TV is powered by Apple A4 chip.

Apple TV - Box View
Apple TV – Box View

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