Study BTT

Wake up at 8am today to fetch my girlfriend from the bus-stop to my house, and after that my mom fetch her to work. Went back to sleep after that. LOL

Studied for my BTT this afternoon, read through the whole book and I thought it will be easy, but after reading it, i realised that there is so much thing to remember, the test is 50 MCQs, cannot get more than 5 wrong. But before taking the test I need to take an evaluation test something like prelims as I am taking as a student of the school and not as a private candidate.

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It Is A Monday

Stayed at home for the whole day, only went out of the house to eat lunch, Monday is normally a boring day, most of the stalls at my house’s coffee shop is closed, so no choice but to eat fishball noodle.

Came back played a few rounds of Starcraft: Brood War with my girlfriend till evening. Dinner was rather simple, just 3 dishes and some otahs. Again played Brood War with my girlfriend till night. LOL

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Billy’s Farewell Party

Went to Marina Square to watch The Guru before proceeding to Billy’s Farewell party at Union Square. Wow didn’t know Billy can rap so well, trance/dance music by DJ Ash(I think) plus his rap, rocks. I do not mind buying the CD if there is one, but it is a pity such a good CANI lecturer has to leave, sad.

Left the party earlier because my girlfriend was not feeling well, so we proceed home. 2 of her friends which is also my coursemates(obviously), also stayed overnight at my house, so that makes a total of 4 people(including me) sleep in 1 room, not really that cramp. Still can accommodate 2 more people. Hehe

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Resting Day

Didn’t went out today, only leave the house for lunch and dinner. Spent the afternoon organising the chalet photos to be viewed online(resizing, compressing, etc). For that alone takes about the whole afternoon, before you know it, it is night. Time flies.

Long time didn’t download songs, flip though 8 Days magazine and download all those top songs which are on the chart. After which went to eat HongKong Street Cooked Food at Alexander Road, that stall also quite famous, been onto a few food programs before.

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C&C Generals Delayed

C&C Generals has been officially delayed, but not to worry guys, Westwood always ship their game on time.
Here is a scoop of it:

GameSpyDaily has learned that EA Pacific’s highly anticipated RTS for the PC — Command & Conquer Generals — has been strategically delayed until February of next year. Now set to ship on February 11, 2003, EA attributed the reason for the delay to its strong lineup of other titles from now until early 2003.

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Chalet Nov2002 Photos Up

I have uploaded all the photos taken during the chalet in 3 digital cameras to the site. Total of 271 photos or 26 MB worth of photos. The photos are available in the Poly Gallery, url is

Just for your information, this site is powered by B2 CVS version, thus all the files are always up to date.

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Chalet Here I Come

Today I will be going off to my course(dmmt) chalet at Sentosa Holiday Chalet together with my girlfriend also. We will be back on 7th November 2002 afternoon, but I think I will sleep till the night then continue posting. I will try to upload some of the chalet pictures by then. Hehe. Will miss my computer and my bed LOL.

Tata guys and gals.

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