Widgets And Uninstaller

In short, Widgets and Uninstaller will be included in WP-PostRatings and WP-PostViews in version 1.20 onwards

WP-PostRatings widget supports “Most Rated” and “Highest Rated” posts and/or pages. WP-PostViews widget supports “Most Viewed” post and/or pages.

This should make quite a lot of users happy because they always wanted this feature instead of manually inputting php codes into the widget.

I have also added in an option page for WP-PostViews under “WP-Admin -> Options -> Post Views” in version 1.20. So now user can choose to let WP-PostViews count views from everyone, guest only or registered users only from the options page rather than manually editing the php code.

The release date hopefully will be around October 2007.

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