Remote File

I have added a feature to WP-DownloadManager that will allow you to add a remote file to the downloads. This remote file will looks as if it resides on your own server and the process is totally transparent to the user. The only downside is at times it is unable to get the file size and hence it will display as unknown.

I have added WP-PostRatings 1.20 Beta 1 as an example of remote file. Remember that the file does not reside in this sever but it is pointing to a remote file url which is

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WP-PostRatings Up/Down Ratings

Many of you guys requested the up/down or some call it thumbs up/thumbs down feature in WP-PostRatings. I am proud to say that along side with the default rating styles, you can have the up/down ratings easily and on top of that you can have custom image for each individual rating. So what that means is that, if you want to have 5 different images for 5 different type of ratings instead of the same old 5 repetitive stars, now you can.

I have also make it compatible with WP-Cache, thanks to the code provided by Nir Aides. This time there is a huge modification to the core code and I need beta testers for this. If anyone of you guys is interested, drop me an email @ gamerz84 AT hotmail DOT com.

Thank you.

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