WP-Polls 2.20 Beta 1 Test

WP-Polls 2.20 Beta 1 is out the door. As usual, please do not run it on a live site as it is still in a beta stage. There are A LOT of changes between WP-Polls 2.14 and WP-Polls 2.20. 2 major ones are the implementation of polls that allow users to choose multiple answers and AJAX used in the administration panel.

I will try to capture screenshots for all of my plugins when I have the time to do so in addition to the live demo mainly because the administration panel cannot be shown. WP-Polls is the first plugin to get screenshoted.

Screenshots: http://www.lesterchan.net/wordpress/screenshots/browse/wp-polls/

WP-Polls 2.20 RC 1 has been released.

If you downloaded it, please feedback to me via the Support Forums or by email.

Thank You.

Support forums: http://forums.lesterchan.net
Make sure you are using WordPress 2.1 and NOT WordPress 2.0.x

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Plugins Featured By Lorelle

Lorelle has dedicated the month of February for WordPress plugins.

WP-PostViews, WP-Stats and WP-UserOnline have been featured in Counting WordPress: Statistics WordPress Plugins.

WP-Print has been featured in WordPress Plugins That Play With Paper and Documents

UPDATE: THANK YOU Lorelle for adding in WP-Stats =)

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Total Voters And Total Votes

I have reviewed how Invision Board and vBulletin implemented their multiple answers poll and I have decided to use it on WP-Polls. As of now, there will be a new term called Total Voters. This term will contain the number of voters who voted for the poll.

If you are using a poll which allow single answer only, your Total Voters = Total Votes because 1 user can only choose 1 vote.

But if you have a poll which allows multiple answers to be selected, Total Voters will mean the total number of uses that voted for your poll and Total Votes will mean the total number of votes that has been casted on your poll.

For example, if a user selected 3 answers for the poll, the Total Voters will only be incremented by 1, but on the other hand, the Total Votes will be incremented by 3 because that user selected 3 answers.

If anyone of you need clearer explanation, just post it in the comments. Just give me 1 more week before I release WP-Polls 2.20 beta for testing.

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