WordPress 2.1 RC 1

I have updated this site to WordPress 2.1 RC1. The good news is I updated some of my plugins to make use of the “technology” of WordPress 2.1 but the bad news is that it is not backward compatible (I am too lazy/busy to make it backward compatible). I will release them when WordPress 2.1 goes gold.

Updated Plugins For WP 2.1:
» WP-Ban 1.10
» WP-DBManager 2.10
» WP-PageNavi 2.10
» WP-Polls 2.14
» WP-PostRatings 1.10
» WP-PostViews 1.10
» WP-RelativeDate 1.10
» WP-Stats 2.10
» WP-UserOnline 2.10
» WP-ServerInfo 1.00 (New Plugin – Display Your Host’s Server PHP and MYSQL Information On Your Dashboard)

Current Plugins That Will Work With WP 2.1:
» WP-EMail 2.07
» WP-Print 2.06

Plugins Not Tested With WP 2.1:
» WP-WAP 2.00

WP-DBManager and WP-ServerInfo cannot work side by side due function name conflicts, I will update WP-DBManager ASAP and also to make it work with WP 2.1 if it doesn’t

EDIT: WP-DBManager will be updated to 2.10

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Changing Of Host Completed

If you are able to see this announcement, it means that the site has successfully move to the new host (Dreamhost to be exact). I signed a 2 year contract with them for (USD$100.80), hopefully they do not let me down.

This site is definitely slower for me in terms of load time as the host no longer reside in Singapore (where I live), but it maybe faster for some of you guys also.

Last but not least, if there is any problem, do post in the forum under Site & Forum Issues

Thanks a lot for your continuous support.

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