WordPress 2.0.6

WordPress 2.0.6 has been released and it will be the last release before WordPress 2.1 comes out of the door. And of course I just updated this site to WordPress 2.0.6.

My new download plugin shall be called WP-DownloadManager after suggested by Giovanni Putignano and looking through the names of download scripts listed in HotScripts.

I received emails from some of my users regarding a more advanced ratings system and comments rating system. If I have the time in May to August (my summer holidays), I will jump to it.

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New Support Forums

New Support Forums
Hi guys,

The support forums for my plugins is at http://forums.lesterchan.net. I have just “reformatted” it to Simple Machines. If you run into any problems with my plugin, kindly post it in the forums.

If I do not answer your question within 3 days, feel free to bump it as I may miss it.

My exams are over, hopefully I can start work on the WP-Downloads and update some of my plugins. My main focus here is to get version 3 of my site out and then all the plugins will roll out accordingly because the new site will need them. Be patient with me =)

WP-Polls 2.13
It is more or less ready to be released, I will release it sometime this week, latest by next week. It features bug fixes, poll bar styling option in Polls -> Poll Options (allowing you to use CSS or Image) and most importantly I have internationalize (no idea whether is it the right word to use) it, so now you can translate wp-polls into your own language just by modifying the .po file.

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Hi guys,

If you really like those plugins that I have created for WordPress and enjoy the fast support that I have given you whether it is through forums or email, perhaps you can consider dropping some donations to me =D

My Paypal email is gamerz84@hotmail.com, and my account now can accept credit card payment =D

Thank you so much =)

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