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In Looking Back 2013, I wanted to travel to Japan, but that didn’t happen. However, I am still on Holidays in Hong Kong for 13 days (22nd December 2014 – 3rd January 2015)!

For my 2014 resolution/wish, I think is time to save some money because of all the travelling! And to contradict my previous statement, maybe for the 2014 year end holidays, I hope to maybe travel to Tokyo, Japan.

iPhone 6/6 Plus did get a bigger screen and I bought an iPhone 6 Plus 128GB in Space Grey. I had a chance to buy Google Glass but luckily I didn’t as it seems that it is going nowhere and for that money spent, I might as well get another computer.

With regards to gadgets in 2014, I hope to get my hands on Google Glass which I think chances are slim. I hope Apple’s iPhone 6 would have a bigger screen and I might get a Nexus 6 to replace my HTC One!

Most likely we will be getting the keys to our house towards the end of 2015. Maybe for 2015, I hope that all the renovations and home planning will go smoothly!

For gadget related matters, I was hoping to get a GoPro Hero4 Silver and maybe even an iPad Pro!

I would like to wish all my readers, visitors and supporters a very Happy New Year 2015! Hope 2015 will be even a more awesome year for all of us! Stay healthy, stay lucky!

Looking Back 2014

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