Error: Cannot redeclare

I got 3 reports regarding and error that says “Cannot redeclare function …”. 2 from here and 1 from here.

This is likely that you did not follow the upgrading instructions as stated in the readme.html (but I maybe wrong though).

When updating a plugin, please make sure you DEACTIVATE the plugin first before launching your FTP software to overwrite the files. BUT the best way is to delete that particular plugin folder altogether instead of overwriting it.

When updating WordPress, always DELETE everything EXCEPT your .htaccess, wp-config.php and wp-content folder. After that, then you upload the files in the zip that you have downloaded and run upgrade.php.

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WP-Print And WP-EMail On WP 2.3

Someone reported to me that WP-Email is not working on this site, and after some checking, I also found out that WP-Print is also not working due to the extra / that WordPress generates for wp-print and wp-email permalink structure in WP 2.3.

WP-EMail has another problem which took me 4 hours just go pin-point it. Apparently when it includes wp-email.php and in wp-email.php there is a add_filter(‘the_title’) which hooks onto the title filter. For some reasons, the core WordPress function get_the_title() is casing the server to throw an error. In order to bypass it I have to create a new function to emulate something like the get_the_title() function.

I have since fixed all the bugs that I mentioned above and now WP-Print and WP-EMail will only work for WP2.3 and nothing below it. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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