WP-DBManager 2.11 RC1

I needed help in testing WP-DBManager 2.11 automatic backup feature. This feature works on this site but it can’t email a backup database to my email address because simply the backup file is too big (around 10MB). For those users which have a smaller database, I need help from you guys in testing this particular feature of the automatic backup.

Here is the changelog for WP-DBManager 2.11:
Version 2.11 (01-06-2007)

  • NEW: Sort Database Backup Files By Date In Descending Order
  • NEW: Added Repair Database Feature
  • NEW: Automatic Scheduling Of Backing Up And Optimizing Of Database

If you found and bugs, please do post it in the support forums. Thank you.

» Download WP-DBManager 2.11

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Some Plugins Finalized

I have updated this site with the following plugins:
» WP-DBManager 2.11
» WP-Email 2.11
» WP-PageNavi 2.11
» WP-PostRatings 1.11
» WP-PostViews 1.11
» WP-Print 2.11
» WP-RelativeDate 1.11
» WP-Stats 2.11
» WP-Sticky 1.00

All of them should be finalized unless there is a last minute bug. I am testing WP-DBManager automatic scheduling of backing up of database, so far so good.

I hope I can release all of them on 1st June 2007. I am left with WP-Ban, WP-Polls and WP-UserOnline as documented on GaMerZ.Wiki.

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Plugins Update Delayed

Most of my plugins update which is intended to be released for May will be delayed for about 2 months because I got a freelance/contract job which I have to complete urgently as my client had paid me 40% down payment.

If you have a basic knowledge of SVN, you can get all the latest updates for my plugins straight from WordPress Plugins SVN. They are stable.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

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WP-Polls 2.20 Logs

Someone mentioned in the forums that since WP-Polls 2.20 allows users to vote for multiple answers, it make sense to revamp the whole logging part of WP-Polls and to allow administrator better understand his site’s voters preference.

I have since done so but it is still in a planning stages, comments and ideas are all welcomed. Here is a screenshot to get my point across.

I have removed the poll’s log from the Edit Poll and move it to its own page called log. There will be paging in the log page for sure.

There are 3 main ways you can filter the logs.

1. You can choose to display all the users that voted for a certain answers in a poll and you can choose what type voters you want to display.

2. View the answer voted by registered users or comment authors. It will not support guests.

3. You can choose to display the users who voted for more than 2 answers and what they voted for. This option is only available if the poll supports multiple answers.

Registered Users – It means the user is registered with your WordPress blog.
Comment Authors – Visitors who posted comments in your blog before and hence we are able to get his name/nickname via the cookies. 2 comment authors may share the same name, so it is not 100% accurate.
Guests – Self explanatory

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