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13 thoughts on “Some Plugins Finalized”

  1. I’m looking fwd to the release of the DB Manager 🙂 Hopefully there will be many options for the scheduled backup time (or allow the user to set it up for once every e.g. 3 hours) 🙂 Thanks for your hard work!

  2. hi there, it will be in X number of days instead of hours which I think will cause lesser load on the server

  3. hi, thank for the great plugin! you say “It will not count registered member views, but that can be changed easily.”… how???

  4. Pingback: ??? - ??
  5. Hello, love your plugins. I’m having a problem with the mailer plugin but it’s likely because I can’t seem to send mail anyway without using this plugin:

    Any way to include using that plugin as an option as I am receiving this error when clicking the email this post link:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class phpmailer in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\site\wp-content\plugins\email\class-phpmailer.php on line 21

    Regards, Veg

  6. you are using one of the plugins that is conflicting with wp-email. phpmailer is already included in wp-email package

  7. Really nice plugin.
    I have no problem with it working on single.php but nothing I do will get it to display on category pages .

    I tried this but don;t see any out put.

    <div id=”post-“>

    <?php the_content(” . ‘Continue Reading…’ . ”); ?>

    <?php link_pages(‘‘ . ‘Pages’ . ‘: ‘, ”, ‘number’); ?>

    Even tried different places but nothing is happening.
    Am I missing a step for it to work on a category listing page ?


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