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15 thoughts on “WP-Polls 2.20 RC1”

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  2. WP-Polls plugin looking very usefull, will install 2.20 RC1 right now on my blog. Thanks Lester, do You use moneybookers to accept donation? Unfortunately PayPal not work for my country.

  3. Gamerz,

    Does this update allow for multiple running polls?

    For instance, can each day’s blog entry be a new poll, with the previous day’s polls still running as well?

    Thanks for everything!!!!

  4. Gamerz,

    Also curious about where in the code for the plugin that I can find the style information.

    For instance, I would like to float the question to the left, rather than being centered. I would also like to change the type face to regular instead of bold.

  5. Ray:
    Yes to both question from your first comment, WP-Polls allows multiple polls at any time since the creation of this poll.

    You can check out polls-css.css or WP-Admin -> Polls -> Poll Templates

  6. Gamerz,

    Excellent … thank you very much.

    Here’s another quick question:

    Where would I go within your polls program to change the header of the poll to a graphic? Instead of simply having “The Daily Poll” written at the top through the pol widget, I would like to make a graphic that could substitute as the header for the poll.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you for your continued brilliance!!!!!


  7. So would I need to disable widgets and install the poll in my sidebar as a stylesheet/HTML element and change the header there??

  8. Ray,

    You could hack the WP-Polls Widget plugin and replace this line:

    echo $before_widget.$before_title.$title.$after_title;


    echo $before_widget.$before_title.'<img src=”(the path to your image)” />’.$after_title;

    I do not know how to pass the $title to the img tag as the alt attribute.

  9. if I am not wrong $before_widget.$before_title.$title.$after_title all this variables are passed by your theme’s widget so that it can style it

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