Poll/Rating AJAX Style Option

I have added 2 minor features to WP-PostRatings and WP-Polls. It is the ability to choose whether to show the loading image with text and the fading in and out of the poll/rating.

Some of you may not like the loading image with text, and now your wish came true, you can choose not to display it under the respective options menu.

For those CSS validating freaks, the opacity CSS value for wp-polls and wp-postratings will not pass CSS validation at W3. Now all you have to do is remove those lines in the respective css file and choose “No” for “Show Fading In And Fading Out Of Polls/Ratings”

One last thing before I end, as you all may know, if polls or ratings is embedded within the post, when viewing feed for the post, the post content might appear unsightly, so now let me gather your feedback to this issue with a poll.

Should I Remove Poll/Rating From Feed If It Is Embedded Within The Post?

  • Yes (39%, 172 Votes)
  • No (32%, 142 Votes)
  • Neutral (28%, 123 Votes)

Total Voters: 437

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New Support Forums

New Support Forums
Hi guys,

The support forums for my plugins is at http://forums.lesterchan.net. I have just “reformatted” it to Simple Machines. If you run into any problems with my plugin, kindly post it in the forums.

If I do not answer your question within 3 days, feel free to bump it as I may miss it.

My exams are over, hopefully I can start work on the WP-Downloads and update some of my plugins. My main focus here is to get version 3 of my site out and then all the plugins will roll out accordingly because the new site will need them. Be patient with me =)

WP-Polls 2.13
It is more or less ready to be released, I will release it sometime this week, latest by next week. It features bug fixes, poll bar styling option in Polls -> Poll Options (allowing you to use CSS or Image) and most importantly I have internationalize (no idea whether is it the right word to use) it, so now you can translate wp-polls into your own language just by modifying the .po file.

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WP-Polls Update

» Now you can change WP-Polls’s Poll Bar style in WP-Admin itself, one of the features that I longing to implement is finally implemented. See that in action.

» WP-Polls is now 100% localize thanks to Ravan and Philippe Corbes.

» If you do not like WP-Polls and wish to remove it totally, you wish came true. The built-in uninstaller by Philippe Corbes does the trick.

» The usage instructions is now in the plugin itself under Polls -> Polls Usage

On other plugins, I will work on WP-Downloads and WP-Ban in December, expect it to be out for testing by January 2007.

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WP-Polls & WP-UserOnline Updates

WP-Polls 2.12 Beta
» No more the use of IMG tag to generate the poll’s result. It is now based on DIV tag. The default class to it is ‘pollbar-image’ in which it will use the image as the background in the DIV. If you like something simpler, you can always replace it with ‘pollbar-css’. This will use CSS to generate the color of the poll result bar which can be configured in ‘polls-css.css’.

» I have gotten rid of wp-polls.php and the archive link below the Poll. Now if you want to to show the Polls Archive, just create a page and type in [ page_polls ] (without any spaces) in the post’s content area.

» Now you can have the title of the Poll’s Widget.

» Ability to logged by Username instead of by cookie/ip.

» Fixed an AJAX problem in which if the site’s URL doesn’t match WP Option’s Site URL, WP-Polls will not work.

WP-UserOnline 2.05 Beta
» I have gotten rid of wp-useronline.php. Now to show the UserOnline page, just create a page and type in [ page_useronline ] (without any spaces) in the post’s content area, followed by the URL to that newly created page in ‘WP-Admin -> Options -> Useronline’.

» Changed in WP-UserOnline structure: Members Mean Registered Users and Guests Mean Comment Authors or Visitors

» get_users_browsing_site(false) and get_users_browsing_page(false) will now return an array containing Total Users, Total Members, Total Guests and Total Bots Online

» Now you can have the title of the UserOnline’s Widget.

» Fixed an AJAX problem in which if the site’s URL doesn’t match WP Option’s Site URL, WP-UserOnline will not work.

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If you look on the right, those items on the sidebar all called widgets. I find them kinda cool and hence I have created widgets for WP-Polls, WP-UserOnline and WP-Stats.

New version of WP-UserOnline and WP-Stats will be coming out on 1st July 2006. Any plugins used on this site are all the latest builds.

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