WP-Polls & WP-UserOnline Updates

WP-Polls 2.12 Beta
» No more the use of IMG tag to generate the poll’s result. It is now based on DIV tag. The default class to it is ‘pollbar-image’ in which it will use the image as the background in the DIV. If you like something simpler, you can always replace it with ‘pollbar-css’. This will use CSS to generate the color of the poll result bar which can be configured in ‘polls-css.css’.

» I have gotten rid of wp-polls.php and the archive link below the Poll. Now if you want to to show the Polls Archive, just create a page and type in [ page_polls ] (without any spaces) in the post’s content area.

» Now you can have the title of the Poll’s Widget.

» Ability to logged by Username instead of by cookie/ip.

» Fixed an AJAX problem in which if the site’s URL doesn’t match WP Option’s Site URL, WP-Polls will not work.

WP-UserOnline 2.05 Beta
» I have gotten rid of wp-useronline.php. Now to show the UserOnline page, just create a page and type in [ page_useronline ] (without any spaces) in the post’s content area, followed by the URL to that newly created page in ‘WP-Admin -> Options -> Useronline’.

» Changed in WP-UserOnline structure: Members Mean Registered Users and Guests Mean Comment Authors or Visitors

» get_users_browsing_site(false) and get_users_browsing_page(false) will now return an array containing Total Users, Total Members, Total Guests and Total Bots Online

» Now you can have the title of the UserOnline’s Widget.

» Fixed an AJAX problem in which if the site’s URL doesn’t match WP Option’s Site URL, WP-UserOnline will not work.

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45 thoughts on “WP-Polls & WP-UserOnline Updates”

  1. Before I forget, we need to take a look at doing a little overhaul on the next version to stop using the wp_options table.

    WP_polls needs it’s own table for faster loading of WP in general. You have like a dozen entries in there (per poll?) set to autoload.

    Sounds trivial but it all adds up if there are many other plugins.

    (also note that most plugins do not remove their entries from the wp_options table on deactivation so it gets busy in there)

  2. Giuseppe: if input tag is not enclose with p, it does not validate?

    CK: Hmm, it is about 10 or so options in the options table. But then if i dun use wp_options table, it will need another query to get the options, where as wp_options table is already called at the beginnning.

  3. I test it also xhtml 1.0 and validate. If you don’t have proble probably is my theme that need it (P TAG)


  4. GaMerZ, I have to say YOU ROCK!

    I searched high and low for a decent rating plugin and tried at least four others over a couple of wasted days before I found yours.

    Of course, I had to try the Polls plugin too…

    When I get to a place where I can donate, I will. You will be the first to which I’ve felt compelled to do that. 🙂


  5. And now, for no reason, wp-polls archive page tell me goodbye. have any idea or previous incompatibility??

  6. Hi:

    Is there any way to modify useronline so that it does NOT show admin users?

    Thanks for the great work.


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