Changing Of Host Completed

If you are able to see this announcement, it means that the site has successfully move to the new host (Dreamhost to be exact). I signed a 2 year contract with them for (USD$100.80), hopefully they do not let me down.

This site is definitely slower for me in terms of load time as the host no longer reside in Singapore (where I live), but it maybe faster for some of you guys also.

Last but not least, if there is any problem, do post in the forum under Site & Forum Issues

Thanks a lot for your continuous support.

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6 thoughts on “Changing Of Host Completed”

  1. I have a fast server in Chicago and I have a popular US-based news website (between 7000 and 9000 unique visitors per day). I would host your blog for free and give you a link and ad space if you would let me run ad units on your pages.

    Please email me.

  2. I’m on Dreamhost right now and though I don’t have as much traffic as you, I’m hosting 5 sites on it without problems. I’m also running some LAMP collaboration software – activeCollab (in your goodies menu :o) on dreamhost panel).

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