Away From 7th December 2009 To 27th December 2009

I will be away from the 7th December 2009 to 27th December 2009 to Taiwan and Hong Kong for holidays.

During this period, will be in a read-only mode, meaning you can only search and read topics/replies. Registration of new account, replying to an existing topic and posting a new topic will be DISABLED.

Please make an effort to search or read through the respective forum for your answers. I am 90% sure that your problems had been addressed before.

I WILL NOT entertain any support questions that are sent to me via email during this period. If you urgently need support, you can try posting it in Support Forums.

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WordPress 2.8 Beta 1

WordPress 2.8 Beta 1 has been released. For all the new features, refer to the WordPress 2.8 in Codex. I am going to upgrade this site now.

This site is running the development versions of all my plugins, so it should work with WordPress 2.8. Please let me know if you encounter any bug.

Download: WordPress 2.8 Beta 1

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JavaScript In My Plugins II

I have completed the “update” process to my 5 of my plugins (WP-Polls, WP-PostRatings, WP-Email, WP-ServerInfo and WP-UserOnline) which use JavaScript.

  • WP-Polls and WP-PostRatings uses JavaScript on the frontend as well as the backend
  • WP-Email and WP-UserOnline uses JavaScript on the frontend only
  • WP-ServerInfo uses JavaScript on the backend only

Unfortunately the changes require at least WordPress 2.8 onwards to make use of the JavaScript enhancements in WordPress 2.8. I have updated this site to WordPress 2.8 Bleeding Edge aka WordPress 2.8 Nightly in order to test the JavaScript changes on a live site.

If you view the HTML source of this page, you will notice that only the CSS files get loaded in the header and the JavaScript gets loaded in the footer.

If you are running WordPress 2.8 bleeding edge, perhaps you can help me test out the plugins. Thanks in advanced 🙂

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