10 thoughts on “WordPress 2.8 Beta 1”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. In fact this should be great thing for wordpress users. Although i am not a wordpress user, lots of new features with this version are really exciting.

  2. I’ve recently upgraded to “2.8” and now also updated some plugins that are now giving me big problems. The biggest problem is getting help. I am getting pretty gun shy when it comes to upgrading anything when my site is working and running just fine. I think I am going to try and undo what I’ve done and just leave well enough alone. Thanks but no thanks. :o/

  3. Oh -sorry I forgot to mention it was your “WP user online” it doesn’t state a user or users -just the statement “User Online” shows up. That’s it!

  4. Thank you Lester Chan, I’m glad I waited and checked back. I’ll look into it and see what I can do. Many thanks!

  5. I was not able to do a recovery. Is there anyway to get rid of the “2.8? update without destroying my entire site? I’d be much obliged for some feedback on this issue. Thanks. -sunny

  6. Not that I know off. Since you upgraded to WP2.8, your database structure has changed as well so I don’t think it is possible to reverse it.

  7. First thank you for responding Lester even though it’s not so good news. There is a lot of things not working properly now on my WP site. I am so disappointed. Even the “Installed Plugins Page” is not the same. I can just kick myself for allowing the upgrade. I am thinking on building another site all together -this is too much and not the first time an upgrade has either screwed things up. I love the idea of WP , however I can’t afford the screw ups.

  8. I would always recommend starting a fresh install of WP2.8 rather then upgrading.

    How I would upgrade:
    1. I would delete everything except /wp-content/ folder and wp-config.php
    2. Upload everything again.
    3. Delete those plugins folder that requires updating
    4. Upload the updated plugin again.

    Left over files are always an issue.

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