WP-Polls 2.20 Updates

I have make the following additions/changes to WP-Polls 2.20:

NEW: Poll Archive Link Template
NEW: Poll Templates Has Now Its Own Page ‘WP-Admin -> Polls -> Poll Templates’
NEW: Poll Widget Can Now Display Multiple Polls
FIXED: Poll Archive Will Now Show Only Polls That Are Closed

I hope I can released WP-Polls 2.20 in mid May 2007.

I have left 1 more task to do which I have no idea how to design it; To improve the Edit Poll page where it shows a list of IP addresses of the users who voted for the poll. Imagine you got 4000+ people who voted for the poll like the sample poll you see on the right sidebar. It will be a nightmare when it comes to editing the poll (due to the time taken to render the page).

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WordPress 3.7.1

WordPress 3.7.1 has been released and it is a maintenance release. Are you using the new background autoupdate feature yet?

This .1 release fixes 12 bugs including:

  • Images with captions no longer appear broken in the visual editor.
  • Allow some sites running on old or poorly configured servers to continue to check for updates from WordPress.org.
  • Avoid fatal errors with certain plugins that were incorrectly calling some WordPress functions too early.
  • Fix hierarchical sorting in get_pages(), exclusions in wp_list_categories(), and in_category() when called with empty values.
  • Fix a warning that may occur in certain setups while performing a search, and a few other notices.

For me, my WordPress installation is a git checkout, so the background autoupdate is not applicable for me. I normally just do:

git fetch –tags; git checkout 3.7.1

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WP-Sticky 1.00 Beta

Most of you all have problem with Owen’s Adhesive plugin. I have thus modified it to become my new plugin called WP-Sticky. It is almost the exact same plugin as adhesive. I am going to add in more features in May 2007 when I am having my summer holidays.

I tested with WordPress 2.1.1 and PHP 5.20 With MYSQL 5.

You can configure the options in ‘WP-Admin -> Options -> Sticky’.

You can find the ‘Sticky’ Option under ‘Post Status’ Options in the ‘Write/Edit Post Screen’.

There is a readme.html inside the zip file.

Need support, post it in here, WP-Sticky Support Forums.

UPDATE WP-Sticky 1.00 has been finalize, download WP-Sticky 1.00.

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WP-Polls Multiple Options

I always wanted to implement this feature into WP-Polls, now I have finally done it. I think with this new feature, I am going to increase the version of WP-Polls straight to 2.20 instead of 2.15.

I will need people to test it before I release it out to the public. If you have some interest in it and love playing around with plugins, do me a favor and leave a comment in this post. Let me see what are the response like.

Thank you.

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WordPress 3.0 RC1

WordPress 3.0 RC1 has been released just a day after WordPress crosses its 7th birthday!

Happy Birthday WordPress. I have been growing together with you for the past 6 years, unfortunately because of my full time job, I am unable to contribute to you after your 7th birthday! Sorry about that.

As Matt teased earlier, the first release candidate (RC1) for WordPress 3.0 is now available. What’s an RC? An RC comes after beta and before the final launch. It means we think we’ve got everything done: all features finished, all bugs squashed, and all potential issues addressed. But, then, with over 20 million people using WordPress with a wide variety of configurations and hosting setups, it’s entirely possible that we’ve missed something. So! For the brave of heart, please download the RC and test it out (but not on your live site unless you’re extra adventurous). Some things to know:

  • Custom menus are finished! Yay!
  • Multi-site is all set.
  • The look of the WordPress admin has been lightened up a little bit, so you can focus more on your content.
  • There are a ton of changes, so plugin authors, please test your plugins now, so that if there is a compatibility issue, we can figure it out before the final release.
  • Plugin and theme *users* are also encouraged to test things out. If you find problems, let your plugin/theme authors know so they can figure out the cause.
  • There are a couple of known issues.

Download: WordPress 3.0 RC1

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