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All Good Things Must Come To An End

Like others here, you helped change our lives with your passion for code and WordPress. I do hope you will not see this as an end, but a new beginning where you will find new energy and enthusiasm for WordPress and the blogging community.

Good luck with the future and know that you are always a part of our lives. Thank you!

» Posted By Lorelle On 4th February 2010 @ 10:33

WordPress 2.5 Release Date

Or March 28, 27, 26, 25, or some date “before” March 29. 😀 The original date was March 24, before it was moved up with great enthusiasm and intent. They still have time, and so do we. Just tapping my foot waiting with eager anticipation. And thanks for updating so many of your Plugins to work with the new version!

» Posted By Lorelle On 18th March 2008 @ 12:02

Plugins Featured By Lorelle III

Gees, I though you were renaming me Lorelle the 3rd. 😉

Better save these up. I think you’re going to get a few more mentions through the rest of the month.

I say “I think” because I think I’m on WordPress Plugin overload! They are all blurring together into one big mush.

» Posted By Lorelle On 22nd February 2007 @ 14:43

Plugins Featured By Lorelle II

Just spreading the joy of Plugins wherever I go. 😉 Thanks for creating such awesome tools for the WordPress community. Spread the WordPress Plugin love. hee hee.

» Posted By Lorelle On 18th February 2007 @ 06:08

Plugins Featured By Lorelle

Why wouldn’t I reply? 😉

And hacked or not, Pages were still available in 1.5.2. Shame, shame. 😉

» Posted By Lorelle On 15th February 2007 @ 00:50

I meant to add WP-Stats but the way you have your Plugin page arranged, it means I have to link to the whole page and not a specific page for the Plugin. I’ve listed a lot of your various Plugins in my series, but that page is overwhelming for those who want to feature a specific Plugin. I must have overlooked it because of that, but I’m a fan and mean to add it.

I’ll put it in the list. Sorry about that.

» Posted By Lorelle On 14th February 2007 @ 15:52

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