78 thoughts on “WP-Polls 2.11 Released”

  1. This is a WordPress/WP-Polls question to all… I’m hoping to install WP-Polls on a specific page (no sidebar version), but I’d like the come up with a way for the visitor to vote before posting a comment to the page. Anyone have any ideas? Can WP-Polls “talk” to the page somehow to disable commenting until a vote has been cast?

  2. meaning the user must vote before the comments will appear? if it is so, it can be done, need some hacking to the core code and theme. it is not that difficult and not that easy to do.

  3. I try to use wp-polls but when i vote my home loads inside the block of wp-polls i using permanlinks, i can see the results…

    i try to change the request to GET like the results, but i don’t have much success.

    Someone can help me with this?

  4. I have wordpress installed in /catalog/blog/ directory and address blog is /catalog/blog.php. When I click on Polls Archive link I get an error. Should be /catalog/blog.php/pollsarchive/ end not /catalog/blog/pollsarchive/.

  5. Hi Lester, I’m a photographer and I am looking for a plug-in that allows visitors to my site to vote on images. There can be upto 5 images per contest. I wonder if WP-Polls can be customized for this? I can tell you are really…it will be great if you can email me. Appreciate this a lot. Thanks!

  6. Have you considered creating a raffle plug-in? I’m considering a charity raffle where some free good provided to me would be raffled off to visitors and the proceeds directly to roomtoread.org, a charity to provide schooling in poor countries.

    If any reader of this blog can point me to such a plug-in/script I’d appreciate it.

  7. You plugin is really good
    But an option whick have democracy poll is that the user can add a new answer , i think it is really usefull !
    and also, that the winner can be always 100% and the other result are calculated in purcentage of the winner , it has a better readability

    (sorry for my english, and thanks for all your plugins)

  8. Nah, I do not think I will add in the option of “Add A New” Answer from the user because the user can just play prank and add in any text.

    But normally polls are not based that way.

  9. The poll looked fine, just after I installed it. but as soon as I do the 1st test vote, the bar extended to 100% resulting in my whole sidebar to shift to the bottom of my blog on the left side?

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