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AJAX Not Working For WP-Email, WP-Polls, WP-PostRatings or WP-PostViews?

uh..? Sry, but I can not find any “Ratings” folder inside my wp-admin folder… r u sure?
I did not know that I could find plugin’s related files inside this folder…

Just in case, I looked in my wp-content->plugins->wp-postratings->postratings-templates.php but I think this is not what you refer to and it seems very complex to me…

» Posted By Milo On 2nd August 2012 @ 18:26

Thanks Lest, finally problem was solved erasing some previous Post Ratings “users” and “rating” custom field data that I did not noticed before in some old post. All the wp-postratings functionality is normal now.

Now I would like to know how can I put some text above the stars, something like: Please, rate this entry (or something like this to invite the reader to rate the entry), and in the widget I would like to know how can I force a line break between the post title and the corresponding rating stars. Can I do it?

Thank you for your kind attention.

» Posted By Milo On 2nd August 2012 @ 15:43

I already did it Lester, but like I said before, problem is still present… I do not want to uninstall and reinstall because I manually translated it, but maybe I need to do it anyway… You think the issue dissapear after a reinstallation? Any other advice?

» Posted By milo On 1st August 2012 @ 18:12

Hi Lester,

I do not know if I understand well what you mean, but in my custom field I can see posts_rate_key, ratings_average, ratings_score and ratings_users. Some post had votes and users fields on them from Post Ratings plugin (digitalnature) wich I had installed before your WP-PostRatings.

I eliminated those fields but the problem persist… 🙁

Thank you for your attention.

» Posted By milo On 1st August 2012 @ 13:35

So rare… It was working fine 3 days ago… Please kindly check it out directly in my website site.

Thank you.

» Posted By Milo On 31st July 2012 @ 13:58

Hi Lester,

Since 2 days ago I noticed that my post average rates go down from the stars already gained to almost zero, because when someone click to rate a post, the number of votes increase correctly but the average is going to almost zero, like if the calculations are getting wrong… Any idea about why is this happening?

» Posted By Milo On 31st July 2012 @ 07:50

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