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How To Turn Off Post Revision In WordPress 2.6

Yeah false works too (again).

Seems like I only needed to change the placement of the line, which is still weird. But hey, I’m not one to complain when things work. 😀

» Posted By Mix On 25th August 2008 @ 13:10

Huh, that’s weird.

I just moved the placement of the define line in the config, and changed ‘false’ to ‘0’. Worked again.

I don’t have an idea whether WP-Cache caused it though.

» Posted By Mix On 24th August 2008 @ 19:32

Nope, took extra care not to overwrite that one.

I have WP-Cache turned on. Could it be that?

» Posted By Mix On 24th August 2008 @ 18:52

Hi Lester,

This worked perfectly for 2.6. But when I upgraded my blog manually to 2.6.1, post revisions still accumulate, even when they’re turned off in the config file.

Know of any reasons as to why this could happen?’


» Posted By Mix On 24th August 2008 @ 15:26

I just did it, and removed about 80 additional posts I won’t need.

Thanks for the very clean fix!

» Posted By Mix On 4th August 2008 @ 22:53

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