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WP-DBManager 2.11 RC1

It works brilliantly! 😀 Thank you again for your help ^^ I’m logged into Paypal at the moment, so hopefully you’ll receive something soon. I’m afraid it’s not very much, but hopefully it’s enough to show my appreciation 🙂

» Posted By Mosey On 13th May 2007 @ 23:16

I keep starting my posts with thanks! 🙂 I’m happy to say that the file was emailed without any problem, the only small thing being that the file didn’t have any file extension, so it arrived as an attachment called ‘noname’, which I had to rename as .gz and then label the file within as .sql. I thought it might be due to gmail being funny, but when I try the manual db backup email function, it does label the file (and extension) with no problems 😀

—For your reference, this is what I received in my email from the automatically emailed backup:

Backup File Name: 1178968734_-_DATABASE NAME.sql.gz
Backup File Date: Saturday, 12th May 2007 @ 11:18
Backup File Size: 2.2 MB

With Regards,
NAME OF MY WEBSITE Administrator


Thank you again for your patience 🙂 I was also wondering… with regards to Paypal donations and such, is there an option to donate a smaller amount if possible? I’m but a poor student but I’d very much like to donate some money for all your help!

» Posted By Mosey On 12th May 2007 @ 18:27

Hehe thanks 😀 I doubt you’ll have many support questions for this, as it’s such a great plugin! 🙂 works right out of the box ^^

» Posted By Mosey On 12th May 2007 @ 04:37

!! 😀 Thanks! I’ve just tested it and its definitely backing up the file to the designated folder on an hourly basis! ^^ However, each backup file is about 10mbs, so it’s not being sent in an email. Is it possible for the plugin to gzip the file at all? If I send manually backup the file using gzip, it’s around 2mb in size. 🙂

Also: Sorry to keep posting in this thread – would you prefer me to open a thread in the forum?
Thanks for your patience! 😀

» Posted By Mosey On 11th May 2007 @ 19:57

Wow, that would be amazing actually! 😀 Even better than the ‘WDB’ I mentioned earlier! ^^ Perhaps the second field could be a dropdown? Then there won’t be a problem with possible typos?
I absolutely agree that we don’t need minutes and years… that would be OTT ^^

» Posted By Mosey On 11th May 2007 @ 07:53

Thanks for the clarification 😀 I was hoping it might be possible to put maybe twice a day or something (since I’m not sure if a daily backup is sufficient since uh… I’m a little paranoid about losing data :p) There’s another plugin I was using before this new auto-backup function came along… called “WordPress database backup” (hope you don’t mind me posting it here) – which allows a file sent every hour! It’s too frequent for me really, but at the same time it’s still better than just once a week or something 🙂

» Posted By Mosey On 10th May 2007 @ 08:39

Me too! 😀 I’m looking at the options page now, and was wondering – does one put ‘0.2’days or do the numbers have to be in units?

» Posted By Mosey On 9th May 2007 @ 17:50

Some Plugins Finalized

I’m looking fwd to the release of the DB Manager 🙂 Hopefully there will be many options for the scheduled backup time (or allow the user to set it up for once every e.g. 3 hours) 🙂 Thanks for your hard work!

» Posted By Mosey On 7th May 2007 @ 07:42

23rd Today

Sorry for the belated wishes – but Happy Birthday! 😀

» Posted By Mosey On 31st March 2007 @ 06:21

WP-Sticky New Ideas

I like the new idea 🙂 But because I get confused easily…so just wanted to clarify: if someone wanted a post to stay for aperiod between 26th-29th March 2007, they would just change the post date to the 29th March 2007?
Thanks 😀

» Posted By Mosey On 25th February 2007 @ 09:49

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