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Lester Chan’s WordPress Plugins July 2008 Update

Ok 🙂

» Posted By Nemo On 21st July 2008 @ 22:45

Whoops, the second modification is not complete: it works only on MU.

This is the correct one:

if (isset($blog_id)) {
if(!is_dir(WP_CONTENT_DIR.’/blogs.dir/’ . $blog_id . ‘/files/downloads/’)) {
mkdir(WP_CONTENT_DIR.’/blogs.dir/’ . $blog_id . ‘/files/downloads/’, 0777, true);
else {
if(!is_dir(WP_CONTENT_DIR.’/files/downloads/’)) {
mkdir(WP_CONTENT_DIR.’/files/downloads/’, 0777, true);

» Posted By Nemo On 21st July 2008 @ 19:03

That’s perfect 😉

» Posted By Nemo On 21st July 2008 @ 18:00

@Lester: good, I am glad of that. The 1.40 release will be the next one?
Regarding the slug, well, I guessed that! 😉

Bye bye.

» Posted By Nemo On 21st July 2008 @ 16:19

Ah, one more thing: it would be nice (but not strictly necessary) to change the “nice urls” in wp-downloadmanager from “/download/” to “/download/slug-of-the-download-name”. What do you think about it?

» Posted By Nemo On 21st July 2008 @ 05:14

Hello Lester,

first I wanna thank you for the great plugins you released so far. They are among the best ones.

Now, a couple of things.

I made a simple modification to the WP-DownloadManager 1.31 in order to make it WordPress MU ready. You build the default options for the “download path” and the “download path URL” keeping in mind a simple WordPress installation. The plugin as you released use so the same download path for each blog in the WPMU network.

I changed the file wp-downloadmanager, replacing the lines 1186-1187 with the following ones:

global $blog_id;
if (isset($blog_id)) {
add_option(‘download_path’, WP_CONTENT_DIR.’/blogs.dir/’ . $blog_id . ‘/files/downloads/’, ‘Download Path’);
add_option(‘download_path_url’, WP_CONTENT_URL.’/blogs.dir/’ . $blog_id . ‘/files/downloads/’, ‘Download Path URL’);
else {
add_option(‘download_path’, WP_CONTENT_DIR.’/files/downloads/’, ‘Download Path’);
add_option(‘download_path_url’, WP_CONTENT_URL.’/files/downloads/’, ‘Download Path URL’);

By the way, I also added the dir “downloads” at the end of the path, because it seems cleaner to me.

Moreover, I modified the rows 1213-1214 in the same above file with the following ones:

if(!is_dir(WP_CONTENT_DIR.’/blogs.dir/’ . $blog_id . ‘/files/downloads/’)) {
mkdir(WP_CONTENT_DIR.’/blogs.dir/’ . $blog_id . ‘/files/downloads/’, 0777, true);

I hope you will choose to integrate this modifications in the official version, so that I will not be compelled to port them in your next releases of the plugin.

» Posted By Nemo On 21st July 2008 @ 05:11

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