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WP-DownloadManager 1.00 Beta


i would prefer the php code too, its easy to make it work again after some wordpress upgrades….

i use for making php widgets… its works very well.

Can we download your wp-downloadmanager updated some way?


» Posted By jorge On 23rd June 2007 @ 15:42


And did you think on some good widget? 😀

I think then there could be various downloads pages instead only one… and we can select the category of each download page… what do you think?
(something like [page_downloads,category])
And some [page_downloads,overview] with stats and overview from each category so what users can enter them…

Where can we download the updates?

I love your work! you are a master of programing 😉

Did you visit my website?


» Posted By jorge On 23rd June 2007 @ 07:10

im trying it now and it works very well!!
you could see it on:
the password is “gamerz”

could i ask you for some includes?? 😀

1) could you make a category browsing like this:

Something like:
“Browse Downloads by Category”
“Newest Downloads”
“Most Downloaded”

2) In the downloads page (i love this one) there is some way for showing only ONE category? some function?


» Posted By jorge On 22nd June 2007 @ 04:45

i have waiting a long time for your new pluging!
Thanks by all your work!

» Posted By jorge On 22nd June 2007 @ 00:42



one question, do you know some other plugin for download manager that works?, i need one…

im thinking too on some php script to for integrate on my wordpress, do you know some good php script?.


» Posted By jorge On 15th May 2007 @ 17:33

i love all your plugins…
and i need a download manager too 😀

Please release it soon!!!

Many many thanks by your work,

» Posted By jorge On 15th May 2007 @ 07:20

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