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WP-Polls 2.11 Released

suuuppper! It works!! Thanks a lot …

» Posted By oliver On 29th June 2006 @ 20:06

Thanks, Tommy, for both hints, but “difficult to install” means “impossible for me”, as my php talents are not that great. 🙁 I tried Democrazy too, but this double url thing (WordPress address differs from Blog address) seems to hinder such plugins efficiently.

» Posted By oliver On 28th June 2006 @ 16:28

Oops, I cannot change this double-URL thing, so I have to look at another solution (Tommy?). Or can I use an old version of Polls?

» Posted By oliver On 23rd June 2006 @ 17:15


» Posted By oliver On 20th June 2006 @ 16:14

that’s not the reason.

» Posted By oliver On 19th June 2006 @ 23:20


» Posted By oliver On 19th June 2006 @ 23:17

Always loved your plugins, but the new polls is difficult to get running …

When I vote, it’s endlessly showing the “Loading” Image and nothing is entered into the database.

Regards, Oliver

» Posted By oliver On 15th June 2006 @ 00:05

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  1. Благодарю ВаÑ? за напиÑ?ание Ñ?криптов !

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