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Also I’ve found that the problem started from the IE6 SP1, I found many pages giving different solutions though some people say some of these solutions don’t work for them, here there is one under the section talking about the caching, it says that absolute paths won’t work but I don’t know how to apply that to test it on the plugin:

» Posted By sanchiski On 1st August 2007 @ 07:25

So I’ve found out after some research that IE6 has a bug on the mouseover where though it should cache images it actually fails and downloads them all the time, testing under firefox and IE6 in my home computer doesn’t show any problem but when I test it under IE6 on a remote server then the slowness of the hovering is very considerable. I’m trying to find a fix for that bug that could be applied to the ratings plugin.

» Posted By sanchiski On 1st August 2007 @ 07:06

Testing wp-ratings a bit more and mentioning that I’m actually a firefox user, I found out that the hovering and loading of the images is not smooth under IE6, there is a small delay between the hover and the viewing of the hot image making it a bit weird, I think it actually loads the images form the server all the time while hovering instead of using the cached ones. I tried that in my template and also in this very site, I think the hover css option is not suported under IE6 but there must a hack for it no?

» Posted By sanchiski On 25th July 2007 @ 07:01

Hi again, you are correct, it was a problem in my theme but in the way I implemented the the “the_ratings()” code, I wanted to have the text smaller so what I did is to enclose the ratings call with in a “span” setting a samller font, the span is typed correctly because when I change the contents calling the ratings by a normal text it validates correctly, so seems I can’t enclose it, I will try to change the font size within the settings on the admin panel.

» Posted By sanchiski On 22nd July 2007 @ 00:52

Sorry but seems this comment system doesn’t allow me to place code, but you can check it with any XHTML validator like:

» Posted By sanchiski On 21st July 2007 @ 18:56

I’m checking the 1.20 beta 1, and I’ve found that so far it doesn’t validate in HTML transitional 1.0, I got this error on a validation:

» Posted By sanchiski On 21st July 2007 @ 18:54

How can I place the rating popup text location? sometimes the cursors gets over the text as I hover over the stars, in my case I edited your code and placed some spaces so each star comment appears under the text that is beside the starts, is there another way to do that without editing your html? You can check what I min in my new site, hover over the star and see where the text appears.

» Posted By sanchiski On 15th July 2007 @ 07:38

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