WordPress 2.7 Will Feature Sticky Post

It is confirmed that WordPress 2.7 will have the Sticky Post feature built into the core. It is a simplified version of my plugin, WP-Sticky, in which it has just one style which is “sticky” as compared to two styles in WP-Sticky which basically sticks all the post that are marked sticky on the front page. If I am not wrong if there are 2 posts that are marked sticky, the 2 posts will be sorted by date in descending order (latest first).

I decided to retire WP-Sticky as WordPress 2.7 has that built it into the core. Now my plugin count has been reduce to 14.

Due to a large number of request, I decided not to retire WP-Sticky and I have updated it be compatible with WordPress 2.7. See here.

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WordPress 2.7 Features By WLTC

Weblog Tools Collection has put up a list of features that will be in the upcoming WordPress 2.7 which I think will be released before the end of the year.

Here is the list of the planned features:

  • Comments API
  • Keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation
  • Theme Update API
  • One Click Plugin Installs
  • WordPress core updates
  • Default Sitemaps
  • Admin Panel Comment Replies
  • Comment Threading
  • Subscribe to Comments
  • Widgets for Dashboard and Write Box
  • Batch Editing of Posts

Check out WLTC: Features Planned for WordPress 2.7

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