WordPress 2.7 Beta 3

WordPress 2.7 Beta 3 has been released.

  • Numerous style improvements and refinements.
  • All admin notices now go under the page title.
  • PHP Notice fixes.
  • Dashboard widget options now properly save.
  • Menu fixes.
  • New design for Quick Edit.
  • Canonical feed URL fixes.
  • Walker fixes.
  • An update for Hello Dolly.
  • Plugin installer updates.
  • Numerous font updates.
  • Updated login logo.
  • Switch position of “Save Draft” and “Preview” buttons in publish module.
  • File upload support for MS Office 2007+ file formats.
  • Media upload buttons won’t show if the user doesn’t have the upload capability.
  • Canonical redirects only do yes-www or no-www redirection for domains.
  • Shift-click checkbox range selection improvement.
  • Add New User page now separate.
  • Tag suggest only suggests tags (not other taxonomy terms).
  • QuickPress shows “Submit for Review” if user cannot publish.
  • Private posts/pages, and password-protected posts/pages are rolled into new “Visibility” section of publish module.

I got a feeling beta 3 will be a last beta and an RC1 will hit us next week.

Download: WordPress 2.7 Beta 3

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WordPress 2.7 Beta 2

WordPres 2.7 Beta 2 has been released.

Here are the changelog since beta 1:

  • The Upload button didn’t always show. Fixed.
  • JS on the Dashboard broke for blogs with no comments, causing several UI elements to “freeze”. Fixed.
  • Recent Drafts Dashboard module didn’t show correct times. Fixed.
  • Various Autosave fixes.
  • Redirect after deleting a page from the editor went back to the deleted page. Fixed.
  • Fixed loading of translations for default TinyMCE plugins.
  • Added avatars to the edit users list.
  • Added some missing translations.
  • Fixed some validation errors.
  • Fixed some PHP warnings and notices.
  • Handle inconsistent file permissions during auto upgrade
  • Change Publish box layout to better accommodate internationalized text
  • Fix quick editing of the last page in the Edit Pages list
  • Fix Screen Options for IE
  • Fixes for choose tag from tag cloud
  • Rewrite rules fixes for certain hosts
  • Don’t check for updates on every page load
  • Easier post box dropping
  • Preview fixes
  • RTL fixes
  • Fixed broken wp-mail
  • Plugin update and install fixes
  • First draft of contextual help tab

Download: WordPress 2.7 Beta 2

You can do the automatic upgrade via WP-Admin -> Tools -> Update.

PS: I would always recommend manually upgrade instead of automatic upgrade as it is more prone to errors.

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My Plugins And WordPress 2.7

I tested both 1.31/2.31 version as well as 1.40/2.40 version of my plugins and they appear to work fine in WordPress 2.7 EXCEPT for WP-Email and WP-Print. It is because for some reasons the canonical redirect happens before my template redirect and hence /email/ will always be an invalid page in WordPress eyes. This issue is not present in WordPress 2.6.

My efforts had paid off when my plugins undergo major cosmetic changes back in WordPress 2.5 to accommodate the new WordPress 2.5 design. It is because for WordPress 2.7, I need not do anything and the design just fits right in. I just need to add in the icon for the admin menu for WP-DBManager, WP-DownloadManager, WP-Email, WP-Polls and WP-PostRatings.

Here are the fixes to get WP-Email 2.31 and WP-Print 2.31 to work with WordPress 2.7. I will not update WP-Email 2.31 and WP-Print 2.31 with this fix, instead I will just leave the fix to be downloadeded on this site. Do note that the fix will make WP-Email and WP-Print work for WordPress 2.7 ONLY.

Here is the fix for WP-Email 2.31:

In wp-email.php:

Find (Line 106, Line 120, Line 134 & Line 147):

$rewrite_rules = array_slice($rewrite_rules, 4, 1);


$rewrite_rules = array_slice($rewrite_rules, 5, 1);

Find (Line 758):

add_action('template_redirect', 'wp_email');


add_action('template_redirect', 'wp_email', 5);

Alternatively you can download the fixed wp-email.php:

Here is the fix for WP-Print 2.31:

In wp-print.php:

Find (Line 79 & Line 95):

$rewrite_rules = array_slice($rewrite_rules, 4, 1);


$rewrite_rules = array_slice($rewrite_rules, 5, 1);

Find (Line 395):

add_action('template_redirect', 'wp_print');


add_action('template_redirect', 'wp_print', 5);

Alternatively you can download the fixed wp-print.php:

After uploading the fix, you need to regenerate permalink. Go to (WP-Admin -> Settings -> Permalinks -> Save Changes)

I have already committed these changes to WP-Email 2.40 and WP-Print 2.40 to the SVN.

Tentatively WP-DBManager, WP-DownloadManager, WP-Email, WP-Polls and WP-PostRatings will work for WordPress 2.7 only because of the new icon in the admin menu.

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WordPress 2.7 Beta 1

WordPress 2.7 Beta 1 has been released. I am going to test it with both the current version as well as the upcoming version to see if it works.

Also, the development of WordPress 2.7 is 2 weeks behind and hence 10th November will not be the release date for the final version, but rather a release candidate. The final version is expected to be at the end of November 2008.

Speaking of the final release, it will not be available on November 10th as originally scheduled. We are two weeks behind schedule at the moment. We need a little more time to finish the visual design, do a round of user testing against that finished design, and do a proper round of public beta testing. Our plan is to keep working as if Nov. 10 is still the release date. However, instead of releasing the final 2.7 on the 10th, we will make a release candidate available instead. The release candidate is intended to be a high-quality, almost-finished release that we are comfortable recommending for broad use. After Nov. 10, the focus will be on fixing high impact bugs turned up by those of you testing the release candidate. I suspect 2.7 will be ready for final release by the end of November. A specific date will be set as we progress through the public beta cycle and get a feel for how solid the release is.

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Confirmed WordPress 2.7 Features

Ryan Boren has posted a list of confirmed features that will appear in WordPress 2.7. Some of this features are still under development and they should be done soon.

  • New admin UI based on the crazyhorse experimental UI branch with new menus and navigation
  • New edit post page that allows dragging and dropping of meta boxes. Boxes can be expanded and collapsed as before and now also completely hidden.
  • Ability to hide columns on the content index pages
  • Inline editing of posts and pages on the content index pages
  • Comments XMLRPC API (Who wants comment moderation on the iPhone? Me.)
  • Reply to comments from the admin
  • Keyboard hot keys for managing comments
  • Threaded Comments and new wp_list_comments() API
  • Sticky Posts
  • Automatic plugin install and integrated plugin browser
  • Automatic upgrade of WordPress
  • HTTPOnly auth cookies
  • New HTTP request API
  • A new SSH2 filesystem abstraction for updates and installs over sftp

Theme update, install, and browsing may also get done in time for 2.7.

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