WordPress 2.7 Will Feature Sticky Post

It is confirmed that WordPress 2.7 will have the Sticky Post feature built into the core. It is a simplified version of my plugin, WP-Sticky, in which it has just one style which is “sticky” as compared to two styles in WP-Sticky which basically sticks all the post that are marked sticky on the front page. If I am not wrong if there are 2 posts that are marked sticky, the 2 posts will be sorted by date in descending order (latest first).

I decided to retire WP-Sticky as WordPress 2.7 has that built it into the core. Now my plugin count has been reduce to 14.

Due to a large number of request, I decided not to retire WP-Sticky and I have updated it be compatible with WordPress 2.7. See here.

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15 thoughts on “WordPress 2.7 Will Feature Sticky Post”

  1. in 2.7, can one have a sticky post per category or per tag, that is, it might not stick to the front page unless so assigned, but will stick on top of the page if any cat or tag page is thus pointed to.

    if not, it will be a great progress to include in your upgrade plug-in instead of retiring it,


  2. Why retiring?


    The new function is much simpler and can’t do what your plugin can

    it is like the tags- WP can handle tags but simple tags is better than WP`s core.

    Please do not retiring your great plugin ..

    kindly regards

  3. It will be the same thing (duplicate functionality) and it is like re-inventing the wheel. There will be conflicts in the function calls as well.

  4. Well, I am bummed that you are retiring it because the new function in 2.7 doesn’t do what I need it to do, at all. I really needed those stickies at the top of their *categories* NOT on the home page.

    Wish I knew how to make that work in 2.7, but it doesn’t seem to.

  5. Hmm you could do something to get better than WP’s sticky.

    I wish that you could have a sticky for that posting week and month, since now you have it for the day.

    Cos I am posting stuff on a weekly basis, while some posts goes out as a monthly report thing, so if lets say I wanna sticky post for this month, I’ll need to remove the “announcement” for oct before my nov posts gets “published” while its scheduled

  6. Rather than mess with it I’ve decided to create pages for my navigation, which list parent and child categories and their posts, rather than just navigating by category with navigational sticky posts at the top. It’s an extra step but seems to be less painful in the end.

    I’m using Sobek’s Posts in Category plugin to give an automatically updating list of posts at the top of each category (or now, each page introducing a category.)

  7. How the new version of WP-Sticky 1.40 in wordpress.org/extend/plugins be released.
    But Dashboard(behind management platform) has not been notified of the new version?
    Great “Announcement” at the ALL top~!!

  8. That is not really within my reach with regards to the notification. I updated all the plugins at the same time and apparently only WP-RelativeDate got updated

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